Friday, September 23, 2011

Living Life with an Attitude of Gratitude...

There are so many things i am thankful for in my life, I realize that for the most part I am not as vocal about the things i am thankful for as i am about the things that I am upset or concerned about. Most of this blog has been dedicated to my rants and raves about people and things that upset me. I've decided that from now on i will write about something i am grateful for once a week.
I am thankful for my wonderful family, especially my amazing mum and step dad. They have been raising me right for most of my life, I am thankful for my job, I love it and every day i work there is a day that i have a smile on my face. I love arts and crafts and my new job lets me work in very very close proximity to everything i could possibly need to do my art projects. I am thankful for the wonderful girls that God has recently brought into my life, they are amazing and I am so blessed to call them my friends (and soon to be my sisters! <3 Love those girls sooo much). I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to attend college, and major in something i am very interested in, a chance that as a woman i would not have been given were i from many other countries in the world. I am thankful for my amazing boyfriend, who loves me and supports me even though we hardly get to see one another. He's my hero, and I pray for him daily as he goes on calls and helps to protect the people of Laurens County as a volunteer firefighter. What he does scares me to death, and i worry about him constantly (especially now that he's actually able to fight the fires i was less worried when he was just doing scene control and directing traffic around wrecks) Which brings me to my next gratitude, i am grateful for all our public servants, as well as our Military personnel. Our cops, firefighters, and soldiers put their lives on the line every day so that the rest of us can sleep at night. I am grateful for the hard working janitorial staff that were recently cut back at my school, they are needed and missed. Finally i am thankful for the teachers who are out there every day doing what i hope to soon be doing. YOU are my hero's and my inspiration. So until next time... I love you all, and hope that you will find something everyday that you can be thankful for. Peace, Love, and Passion (for giving thanks and loving my life) Nyki. K.

Love this pic... and since i'm both a proud Laurens County Resident, and a proud firefighters girl friends I'm gonna put it up here, along with the pic below which i'm pretty sure is from Station 21 (my baby's station <3)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vera Love...

I love Vera Bradley... It's beautiful and I love it bunches. I've always been a fan of big patterns and bright colors... my mom says i must get it from my Nana...but this particular pattern is my new favorite. It's called butter cup and I just thought i would share it with you all
Peace Love and Passion (for fashion) <3 Nyki

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Thinking about things from a new perspective...

It always makes me a little sad when i think about the path my life could have easily taken. The easy path, the path of least resistance, the path to a future that i now wonder about. When this happens i am usually thinking about the fact that if i hadn't transferred last semester i would be a senior this semester, student teaching in the spring and graduating early from Anderson in June. Instead i'm a Junior with Senior credits, working my way through a new program with THREE years of college left to go, and looking forward to three {count them 1, 2, 3} years as a senior {LOL}... then i always realize i'm happier in my new major and even though i'm going to be a 5th year senior instead of a three year one I think life will be more what i want it to be now. I love history, and can't wait to be a high school history teacher in a few years. I'm happier at Lander even though i miss my friends and haven't had such an easy time making new one's here. I love Greenwood, I like that i just got a new job, and i like that my first clinical's in a highschool are going to be this semester. I can't wait. I'm grateful not to be an elementary major anymore, and i'm glad that i won't be teaching young children things like math, english, and science, I'll be able to focus on the subject i love and that means a great deal to me as a History buff and general fan of the subject. Other things in my life recently have caused me to adopt a new perspective on a lot of things. I have tried, unsuccessfully, not once but twice, to join a sorority at my new school, something that i have always wanted to do, but wasn't given the opportunity to do until last semester since my first college didn't have Greek life at all. I love the idea of Sororities, and i especially love everything that the one's here stand for. However after two failed attempts i will not be going through recruitment again. It's difficult for me to put myself out there for the judgement of others, and even harder for me to not let it bother me when things don't go my way. However through the last two failed attempts at recruitment i have grown to see even myself in a different light. I'm not bubbly, i don't have a winning personality, i'm smart, and i'm a little socially awkward {OK A LOT socially awkward} but i'm also a kind person, with a generous heart, and i care deeply for the people around me. However i also know that in the amount of time given to get to know one another during recruitment parties the only portion of my personality that shows through is my socially awkward side, no one gets the chance to see how i can be when i'm given time to get comfortable with them. It's something i'm going to have to live with until i can finally find a way to overcome it. But my new perspective has also shown me that I'm ok the way i am. I can't change who i am anymore than I can change the fact that i need glasses, or a zebra can change the fact that they have stripes. So here, at the end of my first blog with my new perspectives is a picture of me, happy and more than anything being nothing less than myself. {my mum took this two summers ago, and it is one of my favorite ones of me.}

Peace, Love, and Passion (for being different...)
Love always Nyki

not so patiently awaiting....

So very excited that in the next week i will be getting my super amazing Lilly Pulitzer agenda (in "Nice to See you") It should be here really soon!!!! I've been waiting patiently ever since i first ordered it on from Lilly almost a month ago. Unfortunately i had to cancel my order due to the fact that my agenda was not going to even be shipped until October, and that doesn't help me much. I was soo sad, then i got on Lifeguard Press, and found my same agenda, in stock, and ready to be shipped for the same price. I was soo very excited and it should be arriving any day now. I love the internet. It allows me to get things that i wouldn't otherwise be able to get. This is especially true for Lilly pulitzer items since i don't live anywhere near a store. So basically i'm just thrilled and am now a loyal shopper with Lifeguard press, i intend to use them for all my planner needs...
Peace, Love, and Passion (for Lilly!)
Love Nyki