Monday, January 16, 2012

52 in 2012...

These are 52 goals i want to complete by the end of 2012, there are 52 because their are 52 weeks in a year and that in theory allows for the completion of one goal per week. However some of my goals are more long term goals that can't be accomplished in a week, and others will take the whole year. The point is that by this time next year i hope to have completed them all!... I may need some help/encouragement to complete some of these...
1. Be a more dedicated blogger {post at least four times a week}
2. Read the Bible on a regular basis
3. Write more of my own stuff and less Fan-Fiction
4. Run a 5k {or several} {did my first 5k on April 14, 2012}
5. Get more than 100 followers by the end of this year
6. Get a tattoo {completed 1/20/12}
7. get a better/another job {completed 2/06/12}

8. Go on a vacation
9. Find a Church to call home.
10. Learn to swim
11. Loose 42 lbs, and be the healthiest i've ever been
12. Teach myself how to crochet
13. Learn how to apply make up and do my hair
14. Start being more active in school.
15. Start Collecting sorority and school tee shirts for a tee shirt quilt.
16. Witness a Miracle
17. Celebrate my 21st birthday with Ridge
18. Buy my first Lilly {once i've reached my goal size and weight}
19. Own/Wear Salmon colored pants
20. Go to Biltmore House
21. Get Contact Lenses
22. Hike in the mountains at least ten times this summer/fall
23. Take up a new hobby
24. Start a Trend
25. Give up social networking for an entire week
26. Teach Someone something
27. Call my family more often
28. Take on a Leadership role in something {2012 - 13 Executive Council - Service Project Coordinator for Sigma :)}
29. Make the Dean's List each term
30. Do at least one craft project a month, blog about it
31. Learn to cook one new recipe a month, blog about it
32. Get Engaged {I know it's a silly goal that I have no control over but a girl can dream right!}
33. Have Breakfast in Bed, that I didn't have to make for myself.
34. Have a Little... and make wonderful gifts for that Little...
35. Learn to love my flaws
36. Spend more time with my parents
37. Help someone in need
38. Help in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
39. Start scrapbooking... again
40. Give away clothes I don't wear to Goodwill
41. Buy one really good quality pocketbook
42. Own quality heels that are appropriate for school as well as nice occasions
43. Wear Pantyhose every time I wear a skirt or dress {no excuses}
44. Dress nice at least once a week... No JEANS!
45. Take a Taxi
46. Go to a Gamecocks football game
47. Learn how to play tennis
48. Kiss my boyfriend under mistletoe next Christmas
49. Make time for my friends who aren't here at school, don't neglect them
50. Learn to be more flexible in my life, don't take everything so seriously
51. Have a party for no reason... just celebrate life
52. Sing in front of a crowd, be nervous but don't let it get the best of me.

So how about it Blog Family! What are some goals you'd like to complete this year!
Peace Love and Passion {for setting goals}
Love Always Tesla

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  1. Tesla, I love ALL of your goals and I know that you are going to be so motivated and driven to complete all of them!