Thursday, January 26, 2012

Give My Regards to Broadway!

If there is one thing that i truly love it is musicals! I adore them. I have my favorites of course but i've never been to, or seen one that i haven't loved. From Anderson University's production of Thoroughly Modern Millie, to my well worn DVD of Evita I just LOVE musicals. I know it's not normal, and i'm well aware of the fact that most people don't share my sentiments but i've decided in honor of my love of Broadway i will post a List... Musicals! the ones i've seen the one's i want to see, and my personal favorite the ONE i would sell every pair of shoes i owned to buy tickets too! {thats a big deal for me... i love shoes as well :)} So Here goes!
My Top Five Favorite Musicals
5. Cats
Not my favorite musical, however it's one of the few i have actually seen live. I went to a local production of this when i was in elementary school, and it's my first musical so it makes the list.
4. Thoroughly Modern Millie
This is a great musical, and it was made better by the fact that i got to see it performed by the Anderson University Drama department, not just once but twice while i was going to school there. It was a great performance and if you ever are in Anderson stop by AU and check these guys out they are wonderful!
3. Titanic The Musical

This Beauty of a musical holds a special place in my heart for several reasons... First Titanic the Movie is one of my All time favorite movies... Secondly, History is my major, and the Titanic just so happens to be a topic that I am an almost expert on... and Thirdly well it just so happens that I worked this particular show with my roommate while I was living in Anderson. So not only did I get to see this musical six times, i got to watch it from a vantage point that was to die for! The Balcony where I worked the spotlight three shows a weekend for two weeks!!! It was the best/most stressful/most wonderful experience i had, had to that date! I love the Alverson Center Theatre in Anderson SC, and I would love to go back and see a play there again anyday. Oh and just for fun here's a little picture of my work... LOL I'm the one doing that lovely spotlighting on the singer!
2. Rent

Though i adore rent, i've only ever seen the movie version and that makes me sad. However I adore Idina Menzel and would watch the movie over and over again just to watch her! In addition to Idina i love the music, Rent has one of the better soundtrack's i've ever heard in a musical and I love it! It's my standard driving home music...


As you may have guessed from my intro, I LOVE EVITA! It's my number one all time favorite musical, my DVD has been watched more times than all of my other DVD's combined, It's scratched from being played so much, and i can sing every word to every single song even if i were playing the movie on mute {thats love right there}.

Notable Mentions
Not quite my favorites but still worth seeing!
Moulin Rouge
Phantom Of the Opera
Musicals THat I would LOVE to See
3. The Lion King

I really wanna see this, It was my favorite Disney movie and I can't wait to one day see the musical.

2. Les Miserables

Read the book, always wanted to see the musical!

1. West Side Story


The BEST MUSICAL EVER... I would Sell my shoes to see it!
Drum Roll Please!

I want to see this so bad! I would seriously walk to New York to see this on Broadway! And that's not even an exaggeration! If i ever see it i'll probably die because that's how happy it would make me! Any one wanna buy me tickets LOL!

Well until next time i hope you all will consider watching one of these great musicals!
Already a fan of Musicals? What's your fave?
Peace, Love, and Passion {For Musicals of all shapes and sizes}
Tesla K.

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