Monday, January 02, 2012

New Years Resolutions... 2012 Edition

Happy New Year Ya'll... It's 2012 now and you know what that means... Time to make resolutions that We will never keep. I do this every year, i sit down and make a long list of things I'm going to change about myself/my life in the coming year and every single year it ends the same way, two days after the new year i'm sitting on the couch doing every thing i swore i wouldn't this year however that won't be the case. This year i'm not making new years resolutions, I'm making changes and this year I am going to stick to them because i've realized that I CAN NOT keep doing the same things and expecting different results {hint hint the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results} so this new year i have a list, not of New Years Resolutions, but of New LIFE resolutions, and hopefully this time next year you'll all be looking at a healthier, happier, better me! And since i won't hold myself accountable without some help i'm letting you all see my list so you can keep me accountable to it when i don't want to be.

My New Life Reolutions ... January 2012
Work out a budget that works for me and live with in my means.
Find a new Job
Start Saving More
Get Healthier
Loose 30 lbs by my 21st Birthday (7/22) getting me to 165 lbs by the time i start my Senior year
Stop Drinking Sodas, Coffee, and Sweet Tea {doesn't leave much does it :)}
Stop Shopping at Bath and Body Works so much
Start Dressing Like a Professional, Look Like a future teacher should.
Put More Effort Into My School Work
Learn A Foreign Language
Love More, laugh more, live more!

Here they are, i know some are trivial, some are very serious, and others are in the middle but they are all important to me, and I know that by putting them out here for all of ya'll to see i'm going to be more likely to follow through.
Peace, Love, and Passion {For New Beginnings}
Love Always Tesla!

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