Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a Week!... 1/22/2012

SO this has been another CRAZY week, i've started who knows how many blogs and not finished a single one {i hope to get three or four of them out to you this week God and my Schedule willing}. Between school and homework i haven't had a lot of time to get to work on my goals, however i have made a little bit of progress on one of them... I've got the very first of my recipe blogs coming at ya'll this week and it is a YUMMY one if i do say so myself. But that's enough about next week.. this week was a lot of fun! We started Rehearsals for the Homecoming Talent Show (it's next week can you say nerve racking), my diet is still going good even though i did cheat a little bit this past week {Outback, Mexican, and Chili's all in one week SHAME is my name :) Not really only the mexican was super bad for me}. I haven't been taking my picture a day, but i'm starting on that today... i already got up this morning and took Pic Number one {i'll be posting them once a week on Saturdays!} However i think the most exciting thing this past week was i got my first tattoo... and I LOVE It... it turned out perfectly (and i can cross number 6 0ff my 52 in 2012 list!)

I got the infinity sign, with love in it... It's kind of Cliche but I love it and it serves as a reminder to me daily of the way I am loved by my heavenly father... He loves me infinitely and I should love others the same way :)
So Here's to you, until next time
Peace Love and Passion (for another blessed week)
Love Always Tesla N.


  1. I've never heard of the infinity sign before! Now following! :]

  2. Thanks... Hope you enjoy my blog!