Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Give it up {for Lent :)}

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!!! So if you're one of the many many people who practice Lent {be you Catholic or Protestant I'm methodist but we still practice Lent} Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) marks the last day before lent. In New Orleans it means a huge party, lots of alcohol, and probably a few questionable decisions, in my high school spanish class it was a way to earn extra credit, but for me it is, and has always been a way to show my dedication to God by giving up something important to me for forty days. My small sacrifice in appreciation of the huge sacrifice Jesus made for me. I always give up several things, a few years ago i gave up bread, every year i swear to give up Chocolate {that one's hard for me... but it's on there this year as well} and the only rules we ever had were you couldn't give up school work and you couldn't give up reading your bible or going to church... {seem's like pretty common sense rules to me ehh...} In addition to giving up things I also make a point to make a promise to recommit myself to god's word. Take more time in it, and let it guide me more. But i know everyone is different so how about y'all... Do you practice Lent? if so, What are some things you give up?
Just for fun Here's this years list...
Jealousy {I will not be a jealous friend/girlfriend/person}
Pride {I'll stop letting my pride get in my way}
Gossip {self-explanitory}
Procrastination {also self-explanitory}
Chocolate {I always try to kick this habit but i promise you the first thing i grab every easter is a chocolate bunny :(}

Hope Every one has a Happy Mardi Gras... Wishing i could be Celebrating this year in the French Quarter but well we can't always get what we want... someday i wil :)
Heureux Mardi Gras!!!!... Lassiez Les Bon Temps Rouler ;)
Peace Love and Passion {Let the Good Time's Roll !}
Love Always Tesla K.


  1. just found your cute blog :) i love your background...pink is my favorite! happy mardi gras!



  2. I am giving up chocolate too! So far so good, but it's super hard because I'm so addicted. This is my first time giving anything up, so it's all new to me. Good luck!

  3. Good luck to you too... It's tough i won't pretend it isn't... but you can do it! Lent is a great time to kick a habit, and my chocolate addiction is the worst thing i have LOL... i've never once been able to go the whole 40 days without chocolate... but each year i get closer. :)