Monday, February 20, 2012

Make My Monday...

Psyched to be linking up today for Make my Monday... I saw this on my friend Lindsay's blog and decided to see what it's all about. It seemed really neat so decided that I would try it out too. So here it goes...
Make my Monday with Jess and Kelly
Mommy’s Sippy Cup
This week the topic is Getting to know you... {how fun!}
What is one word to describe you?Passionate I have very strong beliefs and feelings and i tend to follow my passions where ever they lead me. Even if they sometimes get me into trouble.
One word to describe your lifeHectic I'm a full time student with two part time jobs, I'm a member of a sorority and have a boyfriend and family i try my best to make time for... like i said hectic.
One word to describe your love Beautiful I may not be happy all day, but i am happy every day
One word to describe your bodyAdequate I'm not as happy as i'll be when i've lost all this weight, but i'm a far cry happier than i was before i lost all i've lost.
One word to describe your cookingFantastic I love to cook, try new recipes, and almost everything comes out edible... i'd say thats a win.
One word to describe your career College School is my career for now, when i graduate hopefully that word will turn to Fulfilling, because school will always be my career in one way shape or form. Student or Teacher :)
One word to describe your hobbyNon-Existant not a whole lot of time when you're always doing things that you have to do. If i had one i would have to say it's this blog.
One word to describe your styleEclectic my style is %100 me, thats pretty much the only way to describe it.
One word to describe your blog Neglected i havent been posting as much as i planned. I'll do better soon, spring break is next week and i'm going to spend a good part of it catching up on Homework and Blog Posts.
One word to describe your homeHappy Otherwise i don't think i would want to live here :)

That was so much fun... Super excited now... Thank you to Jess and Kelly for starting this wonderful post!

Peace, Love, and Passion {For Make My Monday!}
Love Always Tesla


  1. thanks for linking up! you have some great answers! Come back next monday! Topic will be on side of blog!

  2. YAY! So glad you figured it out, shame on me for not texting you back last night. Love your answers!

  3. Yay!!! Thanks so much for stopping by. You sound like one busy person!! I love all of your answers :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. No problem... they had a nifty little button... it took me a second to figure it out... I am one busy person, but not as busy as some people so i guess i can't complain. :)