Monday, February 27, 2012

Make My Monday...

Had So Much Fun last week that I just had to come back for more... LOL so here it goes again I'm liking up with Jess and Kelly for Make My Monday :)
Mommy’s Sippy Cup

This Weeks Topic:
What is one fashion fad from your past that makes you cringe now when you see pictures? (hair, clothes, makeup)And show us the pictures :)

Well, i can't really say it was a fad, because i'm pretty sure that no reasonable person would be caught dead in these pants, but in high school i let one of my friends talk me into buying a $55 dollar pair of Tripp Skinny Jeans on a trip to Hot Topic one night. What's so bad about skinny jeans you may ask? Well see for your self ;)
Eighty's Skate Night my freshman year of college :)
Photo Shoot with Mama... Summer 2010
as you can see, some people chose to rock the side pony tail, others thought neon wind suits were the thing... but four times in my life i have put on Zebra print skinny jeans, worn them in public, and am ashamed now to say i thought i looked pretty darn good. Mama was right about one thing, college makes you wiser... I'm definitly more fashionably inclined now than i was three years ago.

Peace, Love, and Passion {R.I.P (or goodwill) Zebra Print Jeans}
Love Always, Tesla K.

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  1. Oh, my goodness! You are awesome!!! Look at you rockin skinny zebra pants. Hey, now! :)

    Thanks for linking up with us!