Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So much to tell you all...

So things are changing pretty fast around here these days, i've been doing a lot of thinking about my future, I know it's been a ridiculously long time since my last post and i should be quite ashamed of myself... however life has been pretty crazy these past few weeks, and this last week especially, so let me go ahead now and apologize for my lack of blogging this week. I will do better i promise. This past weekend I made plans to catch up on a lot of things... school work, blogging, and time with my special guy (that was the big one not going to lie) however as usually happens when I make plans, something changed them. This weekend that something just so happened to be a big fat COLD... so instead of going out and enjoying my weekend, going to work, and working on the things i needed to do i laid in my bed like a bump on a log and slept most of my saturday away. Today i'm feeling much better but i'm so far behind on my work that i'm probably not going to sleep at all tonight {update... did not sleep at all tonight... haven't been to bed since i got up at 7am on March 19... it is currently 2 am on March 20... and i have no intentions of going to bed before 10pm tonight... i just have tooo much stuff to do}. However i have accomplished so much in these past 19 hours that i felt i deserved a study break to do some blogging... so here it is... my big blog about everything that's been going on in my life lately :) {and just for fun... here's a few pics of how horrible i look at 2am, no make up ratty high school sweatshirt and paul frank pj's yeah i know... }

"you can sorta see my super cute pj's in this one... a christmas present from my daddy a few years ago... my 13 yr old sister got a matching set :p"

Okay... well back to my topic... Life's been super crazy lately... a few weeks ago i met with my advisor to change my major from History education to just History... meaning I will be graduating next spring with my BS in History... Great right i'm getting out of college on time... well that's where my next bit of news comes in! Not only will i not be getting "out" of college any time soon but In June I will be taking the LSAT because this little miss is going to Law School!!!!!! The desire to practice Law has been on my heart for many years, i've always had a passion for it, but i've been afraid in the past to set out on any path that doesn't guarantee success {foolish but i like to play it safe} I finally decided after agonizing over it for a very long time that I am better off trying to do what i will love than settling for something that isn't my passion. So hopefully in a few years you'll be looking at a Lawyer instead of a college student bumming it at 2 am :) {I'm looking to go to Carolina so if anyone has any suggestions or advice for me I am more than open to it.}

Exciting thing number two... my sorority will be having out retreat this coming weekend, and i could not be more excited about spending three days with my wonderful sisters {the trip to the beach doesn't exactly ruin it either LOL} but the pressure of putting on a bathing suit in front of all my sisters has gotten me all self-conscious again and I caught myself today doing something I promised myself i wouldn't do... standing in front of a mirror in my bikini criticizing myself which is never a good idea but is an even worse idea when you're me and can't tan so not only do you feel super fat, you're convinced that everyone is going to think you're albino because your legs and stomach literally reflect light like mirrors. {Shame on me but i was being a self hater today} Then i realized that i was being stupid... every one is insecure in a bikini so why should i feel bad about it... One of my dear friends reminded me of something very important tonight, she actually wrote in on my notes from our meeting tonight and I thought i would share it with you all because it meant so much to me...

Since it's totaly backwards... it says "I am a strong, confident, beautiful woman. I will conquer all and fear none. I am Loved. People love me just as i love them. I am worth something and i do value myself. I love me and I believe in myself"
this is why i love her :)

I'll end on that note... farewell and goodnight
Peace Love and Passion {for rambling on}
Love Always Tesla

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