Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday...Pi Day... and an Apology

Happy Wednesday Everyone... and today isn't just any wednesday... no sir re bub... TODAY IS MARCH 14th... or to any of us with super cool high school math teachers who let you celebrate it it's Pi Day. At my high school this was one of my favorite day's of the year, and why shouldn't it be. Not only are you celebrating 3.14 but you get to eat pie! It came second only to Mexican Food day {the only reason i took four years of Spanish is so i could do that each year ;)} But enough about that. On to My Apology...

I know it's been a super long time since i've blogged anything... I really have no excuses, my life has been hectic but i promised i would make time to blog and I haven't kept that promise. I've started five or six blogs this week, but haven't had the motivation to finish them, and the truth is i've just been exhausted. I will do better blog family... I love you all {all nine of you!}

Peace, Love, and Passion
Love Always Tesla

P.S... Check back later today for Top Ten... i should have it up soon, and tomorrow for IT's OK Thursday :)

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