Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sometimes and Always #3

Hey everyone... and once again it's Tuesday, but this is not just any tuesday oh no... this is the Tuesday of exam week and a very special tuesday indeed because this my friends, is my last Tuesday as a college Junior... as of Friday my third year of college will be over and I will officially be a graduating Senior!!! Off my blabbing and back to the post {lol} here it is... for the third week in a row :) Sometimes and Always!!!
Sometimes... I wait until the very last minute, AKA the night before {late late} or the morning of my exam to START studying... oh wait i take that Back, I
Always... wait until the very last minute to study and the result is a panicked me at three am hyped up on coffee and trying my best to find the textbook that i managed to loose in the covers when i took a bathroom break :)
Sometimes... I forget to breathe, to take it slow, to have patience, and that it's not as bad as it seems.
Always... Someone, usually my best friend, roomie, or the boy remind me.
Sometimes... I make mistakes, big ones
Always... I try to remember that everyone makes mistakes, i'm not perfect and that is what makes me human
Sometimes...I wish i was someone else
Always... deep down i know that me is good enough {had to share the below pic... it really shows my inner geek... i thought those goggles were the neatest things... Chem lab problems}
Sometimes... I forget how amazing my boyfriend is, and how much i love him... especially when he's moody or being a butt...
Always... I see a picture like this one and am reminded instantly {he really is the love of my life... can't wait to spend forever with this boy}
Peace, Love, and Passion... Love Always Tesla

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sometimes and Always #2

Hi everyone... once again it's time for Sometimes and Always {I love this link up... it's totes my fave!}
Sometimes... I procrastinate until the very last minute to write an eight to ten page history paper, stay up all night to get it done, panic it wont' be good enough, and swear I'll never do it again.
Always... I do it again the next time... it's a vicious cycle
Sometimes... I forget to do laundry... and wind up with no clean work clothes... pooh
Always... I suck it up and go to work because i'm an adult and thats what we do
Sometimes... I worry that no one likes me, i'm so insecure and i'm afraid that when people look at me that's all they see.
Always... I do my very best to put on a happy face... go on with my day, and live my life and then things like this happen and i feel loved
{Major Love to my awesome sister for writing sweet things on my car} Sometimes... I have minor panic attacks... freak outs, etc...
Always... {usually} they pass, i feel better, i move on...
Sometimes... i go a little crazy in barnes and noble :)
Always... It's totally worth it... {LSAT prep books and a new devotional... i'd say that's a win win win} Sometimes... I do 5k's :)
... There isn't really an always with this one... so good night everyone... hope you've had a great day.
Peace, Love, and Passion {for sometimes and always} Love always Tesla

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Ok Thursday....

Its Ok Thursdays
Thursday again... Thank goodness this week is almost over!!!! Only one more day and then it's the wonderful amazing weekend. I've been really blessed this past week to have such an amazing boyfriend, roommate, and best friend because it's been a rough one. But i'm lucky enough to have people in my life who get me through the rough patches so i can make it to another Thursday and link up with Neely and Amber for It's Ok Thursday :)
It's Ok
It's OK That i haven't even started on my eight page history paper that's due Tuesday.
It's OK That I'm running a 5K on Saturday morning, but i'm gonna die because I haven't been to the Gym once this week
It's OK That I've been sick, i know i'll get better.
It's OK That I absolutely CANNOT stand certain people, and it seems like this week that they are pressing my nerves a lot more than usual.
It's OK That I have five papers due in the next {last} two weeks of school.
It's OK That I cried a little last night at 8 O'clock when I remembered that there was no more One Tree Hill
It's OK to be a little sad that your favorite show got cancelled :(
It's OK to want to smack the girl on the other side of class for coming in her pajama pants with her stomach hanging out, and looking like a complete mess... I mean really who dresses like that?
It's OK that i'm not paying attention in Geography right now... i don't actually need this class.
It's OK to be nervous about my sorority's elections next week... because who's on Exec makes a big difference in how the year goes.
It's OK that i've been studying like crazy for the LSAT.
It's OK that i am loving my new devotional :)
It's OK that it's not always OK... but it will be :)
Peace, Love, and Passion {Because It's Going to Be OK} Love Always, Tesla

Thursday, April 05, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
This week has been absolutely hectic, and i'm completely exhausted. But... guess what... It's OK and so is this...
It's OK that in three days i got less than five hours of sleep total {including naps}
It's OK that i spent almost $300 dollars in Barnes and Noble on LSAT prep books
It's OK that I haven't had the time lately to focus on cleaning the way i should {i promise this weekend i will do better}
It's OK that I can't be perfect all the time
It's OK that I fell twice today
It's OK that i HATE my job 95% of the time
It's OK that I can't sleep without ten pillows in the bed with me
It's OK that I'm ready to graduate
and Last but not least
It's OK that i haven't started my ten page research paper yet.
It's OK that I am currently registered to take Nine hours during summer school so i can graduate on time
And Last but not least... It is OK that I possibly had an anxiety attack during a presentation today...
Peace, Love, and Passion... {because it's OK} Love Always, Tesla

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Sometimes and Always... First one... EEP

Today's gonna be a good day I can feel it... and not just because I'm linking up for the first time with Megan from Mackey Madness for sometimes and Always :)! Very excited. I think this is a really great idea, i've seen some of my friends do this several weeks
Sometimes... I forget to set my alarm, wake up thirty minutes late, and panic.
Always... I remember to thank God for waking me up that morning, even late :)
Sometimes... My boyfriend and I fight
Always... We love one another, fighting sometimes doesn't change that.
Sometimes... I stay up all night with my roommate when we both have 8 am classes, i gripe and complain, and pout cause i'm tired :)
Always... We get up the next morning and go to class, because we understand how important our education is
Sometimes... My best friend drives me absolutely crazy...
Always... He brightens my day, and makes me feel better
Sometimes... I forget to trust God with my trials,
Always... I remind my self that "if he brings you to it, he'll bring you through it"
Sometimes... I worry about the future
Always... know that it will come even though i worry, and thats reassuring
Sometimes... I wish i knew how things were going to go, with everything
Always... I know that if i did it would ruin the great surprises of life
Sometimes... I get a little goofy especially when i'm tired like i am this morning... and when i do I...
Always... take pictures ;)
EEP, i enjoyed that! I think i'll be doing this each week. See you all again soon Peace, Love, and Passion {Sometime's and Always} Love Always, Tesla