Thursday, April 05, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
This week has been absolutely hectic, and i'm completely exhausted. But... guess what... It's OK and so is this...
It's OK that in three days i got less than five hours of sleep total {including naps}
It's OK that i spent almost $300 dollars in Barnes and Noble on LSAT prep books
It's OK that I haven't had the time lately to focus on cleaning the way i should {i promise this weekend i will do better}
It's OK that I can't be perfect all the time
It's OK that I fell twice today
It's OK that i HATE my job 95% of the time
It's OK that I can't sleep without ten pillows in the bed with me
It's OK that I'm ready to graduate
and Last but not least
It's OK that i haven't started my ten page research paper yet.
It's OK that I am currently registered to take Nine hours during summer school so i can graduate on time
And Last but not least... It is OK that I possibly had an anxiety attack during a presentation today...
Peace, Love, and Passion... {because it's OK} Love Always, Tesla

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