Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Ok Thursday....

Its Ok Thursdays
Thursday again... Thank goodness this week is almost over!!!! Only one more day and then it's the wonderful amazing weekend. I've been really blessed this past week to have such an amazing boyfriend, roommate, and best friend because it's been a rough one. But i'm lucky enough to have people in my life who get me through the rough patches so i can make it to another Thursday and link up with Neely and Amber for It's Ok Thursday :)
It's Ok
It's OK That i haven't even started on my eight page history paper that's due Tuesday.
It's OK That I'm running a 5K on Saturday morning, but i'm gonna die because I haven't been to the Gym once this week
It's OK That I've been sick, i know i'll get better.
It's OK That I absolutely CANNOT stand certain people, and it seems like this week that they are pressing my nerves a lot more than usual.
It's OK That I have five papers due in the next {last} two weeks of school.
It's OK That I cried a little last night at 8 O'clock when I remembered that there was no more One Tree Hill
It's OK to be a little sad that your favorite show got cancelled :(
It's OK to want to smack the girl on the other side of class for coming in her pajama pants with her stomach hanging out, and looking like a complete mess... I mean really who dresses like that?
It's OK that i'm not paying attention in Geography right now... i don't actually need this class.
It's OK to be nervous about my sorority's elections next week... because who's on Exec makes a big difference in how the year goes.
It's OK that i've been studying like crazy for the LSAT.
It's OK that i am loving my new devotional :)
It's OK that it's not always OK... but it will be :)
Peace, Love, and Passion {Because It's Going to Be OK} Love Always, Tesla


  1. Ugh I can't stand when people go out in public wearing pajamas! Have more pride in your appearance people, really! Anyways...I found your blog thru the link-up and I'm your newest follower :) Hope you'll follow back at

    Happy Thursday!

    1. I am following back! I love your blog... and glad it's not just me who can't stand the pjs thing!

  2. Good luck on your 5k. Wearing pajamas in of my biggest pet peeves!

  3. Thanks so much, the 5k went great... my roomie and i did it together and both finished next to last but at least we finished! I'm already signed up to run another one in september so i'm hoping that will go much better!