Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sometimes and Always #2

Hi everyone... once again it's time for Sometimes and Always {I love this link up... it's totes my fave!}
Sometimes... I procrastinate until the very last minute to write an eight to ten page history paper, stay up all night to get it done, panic it wont' be good enough, and swear I'll never do it again.
Always... I do it again the next time... it's a vicious cycle
Sometimes... I forget to do laundry... and wind up with no clean work clothes... pooh
Always... I suck it up and go to work because i'm an adult and thats what we do
Sometimes... I worry that no one likes me, i'm so insecure and i'm afraid that when people look at me that's all they see.
Always... I do my very best to put on a happy face... go on with my day, and live my life and then things like this happen and i feel loved
{Major Love to my awesome sister for writing sweet things on my car} Sometimes... I have minor panic attacks... freak outs, etc...
Always... {usually} they pass, i feel better, i move on...
Sometimes... i go a little crazy in barnes and noble :)
Always... It's totally worth it... {LSAT prep books and a new devotional... i'd say that's a win win win} Sometimes... I do 5k's :)
... There isn't really an always with this one... so good night everyone... hope you've had a great day.
Peace, Love, and Passion {for sometimes and always} Love always Tesla


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself with procrastination being a vicious, vicious cycle! I totally do the same thing!...New follower here! Found your blog through the link-up! So cute!! =)

  2. Oh man I definitely procrastinate too. I don't know WHY, since it never ends well...and yet I do not stop!

  3. Oh gosh, you sound like me when I was in school. I always waited until the night before for papers and studying. Ugh. Then I got NO sleep. Haha!

    Thanks for linking up with me!