Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sometimes and Always #3

Hey everyone... and once again it's Tuesday, but this is not just any tuesday oh no... this is the Tuesday of exam week and a very special tuesday indeed because this my friends, is my last Tuesday as a college Junior... as of Friday my third year of college will be over and I will officially be a graduating Senior!!! Off my blabbing and back to the post {lol} here it is... for the third week in a row :) Sometimes and Always!!!
Sometimes... I wait until the very last minute, AKA the night before {late late} or the morning of my exam to START studying... oh wait i take that Back, I
Always... wait until the very last minute to study and the result is a panicked me at three am hyped up on coffee and trying my best to find the textbook that i managed to loose in the covers when i took a bathroom break :)
Sometimes... I forget to breathe, to take it slow, to have patience, and that it's not as bad as it seems.
Always... Someone, usually my best friend, roomie, or the boy remind me.
Sometimes... I make mistakes, big ones
Always... I try to remember that everyone makes mistakes, i'm not perfect and that is what makes me human
Sometimes...I wish i was someone else
Always... deep down i know that me is good enough {had to share the below pic... it really shows my inner geek... i thought those goggles were the neatest things... Chem lab problems}
Sometimes... I forget how amazing my boyfriend is, and how much i love him... especially when he's moody or being a butt...
Always... I see a picture like this one and am reminded instantly {he really is the love of my life... can't wait to spend forever with this boy}
Peace, Love, and Passion... Love Always Tesla


  1. Yesss the procrastionation... I know it so very well :)
    I like to think I've become a bit better but I'm afraid it's all in my head haha! :)

  2. Oh procrastination! I am so awesomely great at it! It's funny, cos I always regret it...but I also always do it again! It's a vicious cycle. :P

  3. That is such a sweet pic of the two of you :) And I completely understand how annoying guys can be but you gotta love 'em! :)

  4. You and your bf are adorable! Such a sweet picture! I used to wait until the last second to study/do a paper, too. So silly, but I always did it!

    Thanks for linking up with me!

  5. Aww... thanks so much.. he's such a big sweetie pie... and Megan I just love sometimes and Always, it's my favorite link up! Thank you for making it!