Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Sometimes and Always... First one... EEP

Today's gonna be a good day I can feel it... and not just because I'm linking up for the first time with Megan from Mackey Madness for sometimes and Always :)! Very excited. I think this is a really great idea, i've seen some of my friends do this several weeks
Sometimes... I forget to set my alarm, wake up thirty minutes late, and panic.
Always... I remember to thank God for waking me up that morning, even late :)
Sometimes... My boyfriend and I fight
Always... We love one another, fighting sometimes doesn't change that.
Sometimes... I stay up all night with my roommate when we both have 8 am classes, i gripe and complain, and pout cause i'm tired :)
Always... We get up the next morning and go to class, because we understand how important our education is
Sometimes... My best friend drives me absolutely crazy...
Always... He brightens my day, and makes me feel better
Sometimes... I forget to trust God with my trials,
Always... I remind my self that "if he brings you to it, he'll bring you through it"
Sometimes... I worry about the future
Always... know that it will come even though i worry, and thats reassuring
Sometimes... I wish i knew how things were going to go, with everything
Always... I know that if i did it would ruin the great surprises of life
Sometimes... I get a little goofy especially when i'm tired like i am this morning... and when i do I...
Always... take pictures ;)
EEP, i enjoyed that! I think i'll be doing this each week. See you all again soon Peace, Love, and Passion {Sometime's and Always} Love Always, Tesla


  1. Freshman year, my roommate and I would stay up until almost 3 every night, just laughing and joking, and we would be SO tired the next morning haha, so I feel your pain!

    P.S. Thanks so much for the follow! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks so much... hope you have a wonderful day as well!

  2. I worry about my future too sometimes but then I have to remind myself that God's brought me so far already and His plans are perfect! :)

  3. Aw this is so optimistic :D I am always snoozing after my alarm, nightmare! And I also want to have some sort of clue where my life is going but I guess the adventure of not knowing is sometimes the best and most exciting part :)

  4. Thank's so much... i try my best to be as optimistic as possible... some day's it's tough...