Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Asking for Advice ... {Something i Rarely Do}

Hi Lovely Readers!!!! So psyched to be back with you again, so tonights topic is one that I may be too late bringing up... That topic is my look, and by this I don't mean to seem like I'm hating on how I look, it's not really that I hate how I look, more like I hate how I dress :( I'm looking for a new look and i'm hoping all you beautiful bloggers might be able to help me out.
So here's my deal... I'm 20 years old, i'll be 21 in July, I'm graduating from college next April, and after that I will hopefully be heading off to Law School to get my J.D. before entering the real world. All that said I still dress like a sad High School student with no taste, Sure i have cute clothes, but i feel that my look is too immature for Law School and I'd like to grow it up a bit this summer before I start senior year in the fall. I know a lot of you guys are college grads, and that some of you are probably even in Law School as we speak, so what do you say you give me some advice :) i Could really use the help.
Peace Love and Passion, Love Always Tesla


  1. Hey! I have been reading you blog for a while and I really glad you chose to write about this because I have the same problem.
    I started upgrading my closet this winter and I did this by finding pictures online of outfits I liked and of outfits that look professional and then finding those in stores around me. My first purchase was a Kenneth Cole trench coat. One thing that I learned is that you need to look for clothes of really good quality, so its really an investment!
    Hope this helps :)

  2. p.s-I forgot to mention that my jacket was originally around $200 but I bought it for $60 in Marshalls

  3. First of all... thank you so much for reading my blog! Secondly I love Kenneth Cole, you have great taste!!! I'm such a terrible shopper and this is causing me some trouble in finding outfits that i like and are also attractive, but i'm working on it. Thanks so much for your advice, and I hope you will continue reading my blog :)

  4. I recently graduated from teachers college, and although I'm a bit older than you (24), I also felt like I didn't dress like enough of a "real adult".

    I'm not the most stylish person ever either (definitely no fashion blogger here!), but the one piece of advice I would give you would be to not get sucked into wearing too much black. I end up buying and wearing a lot of brown, since it also goes with most other colours. :)