Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Ok Thursday...

Its Ok Thursdays
Hey Ya'll, it's Thursday and you know what that means... Time for another round of It's OK Thursday :)... It's been a crazy long time since i've posted but i'm trying to work on that, now that school's out i have plenty of time to dedicate to my sweet little blog... but for today i'm back with one of my favorite posts...
It's Thursday baby... and It's OK
That i'm still being a real slacker about going to gym, but i'm getting better about it
That I have to take my practice LSAT as soon as possible if i have any hope of getting into a good law school
That I have been seriously craving chocolate milk shakes, i want to eat them all the time
That i don't have any real vacation plans for this summer, but i'm going to try to plan a trip to Charleston in August if i can afford it
That i work my butt off at my job for very little pay and I'm starting to get desperate about being broke all the time
It's ok that i'm a pain in the ass sometimes, and that i'm a little high maintenance, because my boyfriend loves me in spite of all these things, sometimes i wonder if he might love me because of them
It's quite alright that my parents are moving out of the house i grew up in and into a wonderful new house in town, I'm happy for them but...
It's also ok that i'm a little jealous that i won't be moving with them... It'll be fine but i will miss coming home to the house we've lived in for the last twelve years... I'm gonna miss this place....
So just remember, It's all OKAY!
Peace, Love, and Passion Love Always Tesla K.

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  1. Ok, so this post has now made me unable to stop thinking about chocolate milk! LOL oh dear. :P