Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The LSAT, stress, and OOTD

I know it has been forever since i've posted, and i apologize but this summer so far has not been the restful and relaxing summer I was hoping for, I've been working Non Stop and when i'm not working i'm studying for my first attempt at the LSAT {Which I took last monday!!!!} I was a wreck, my nerves were raw and I don't know how i did but it's in God's hands now and if i have to retake the test in October that's what I will do. Because of all the Studying i've been doing, combined with work, and helping my parents move this summer, it's pretty safe to say i'm under more stress than is usual for this time of year. Sure during school i'm crazy stressed, but summers are always really great and stress free for me... {not this year, but hey you live you learn}
Since i've be super stressed lately I decided it might be time to do a little post on stress management, I mean lets face it we all need to manage the stresses in our live from time to time {or all the time} So here it is... Five Steps to managing stress that have really helped me over the years...
1. Breathe It may seem like common sense, but when we are super stressed it is easy to forget to breathe sometimes. Not literally {we all know that if we actually could forget to breathe we would die} but when things are getting overwhelming it really helps to take a few minutes and just breathe, nothing is ever as bad as it seems.
2. Run Baby Run... I don't know about any of y'all but i'm a runner, i love running and it is the biggest stress reliever in my life. Running takes all the stress away and in the process you get one heck of an exercise.
3. You are what you eat I know it may sound silly, but if you're anything like me when you're stressed you reach for that bag of M&M's or salty chips, but If you can fight that urge and grab fruit or vegetables instead i promise you you'll feel so much better in the long run.
4. Sleep on it one of the best stress relievers on the planet is a good nights sleep, it may not make everything go away, and it doesn't do much to make whats stressing you go away, but you will feel better after a full nights sleep, and be better equipped to handle what was stressing you out when you wake up the next morning.
5. Remember you can... Remember that you can overcome your stress, you can find a way through, you are stronger than you believe, and you can handle what ever life hands you.
And after all that... it's an Outfit of the Day Post...
I wore this on my last date with my boyfriend... shoes Rampage, shirt Mossimo from Target, Jeans Arizona from J.C. Pennys, Jewelry - Thrift store