Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Recap...

So I know that this post is a teensy bit tardy... i've been 21 for a whole week now but last week was killer crazy and I barely had time to keep up with my favorite blogs, much less bust out a few of my own :( I'm hoping to do better this week since school is almost over for the summer!!!
My 21st Birthday Was July 22nd, and It was an awesome day!!! I can't honestly say i've ever had a birthday i've enjoyed more!

My day with my guy... breakfast, presents, and cake!!! Yup he loves me! and I love him

These are from dinner with my parents...
So Until Next time...
Peace, Love, and Passion Love Always Tesla

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday... {to me and my baby sister}

Well, I wont pretend that i'm not the least bit excited about a certain special day... that just so happens to be today :) Today is my 21st birthday... a day i have been waiting for for so long it's not even funny... Tomorrow is also a big day for my family, my baby sister's birthday... She'll be 14, we're seven years and one day apart and It's crazy to me how time has flown by I can still remember holding her the first time our dad brought her to South Carolina to meet me and she's been my little mini me, best friend, and the true love of my life ever since {sorry Ridge you know i love you, but the bond between sisters is something that has no rivals}
So in honor of my big day... and hers i'm posting this post... with pictures and all... Happy Birthday Baby Girl Sissy Loves you
Easter, my sophomore year of high school 15 and 8
Us before my high school graduation... 17 and 11
fall break sophomore year of college 19 and 12...
summer 2011... 20 and 13...
This girl is my best friend, and means the world to me... I will love and protect her until the day i die...

and here are some other pictures that i really love... Gotta start with one of the two people who made it possible for me to celebrate my birthday every year... my wonderful parents...
Without them this cute little one...
Would not have been born on July 22, 1991... and this girl
Would not be turning 21 years old today....
Peace, Love, Passion {and a happy happy birthday} Love Always Tesla :)

Thursday, July 05, 2012

It's Ok Thursday... I'm Back :)

Good Morning World! I know its been a little while {I'm such a bad blogger :(} but i'm back now and I really hope i won't be taking any more blog hiatuses because i miss my sweet little blog when i can't post to her. But i don't believe there is any better way to get back to my blog than my fave link up so once again... I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for It's Ok Thursday... and this thursday is more than ok!

It's Ok that I don't have to go into work today
It's OK that I didn't get to celebrate the fourth of July with my family or good food because said job decided to be a jerk and make me work on the 4th {unpatriotic i tell you}
It's Ok that my boss refuses to give me more than one day off a week and that for some reason my one day off from last week and my one day off this week happened to be saturday and sunday so i actually got a weekend... it's like having a real job
It's OK that my little sister will be 14 in two weeks {i feel so old saying that}
It's more than OK that I will be 21 the day before she turns 14 !!!
It's OK that my parents new house is amazing, but i miss the little double wide that we lived in for my entire childhood
It's OK that my Old Navy credit card bill is going to be a little higher than normal this month
It's OK that I've let myself get into a bad habit of sleeping in during the week that cannot continue because it will make things difficult once real school starts again.
It's ok that my summer class involves watching two movies a week {sucks that it also means writing two papers but those are the breaks}
and last but not least {no where near least} IT IS OKAY THAT I GOT MY LSAT SCORES A DAY EARLY AND I SCORED A 155!!!! Which is WAY better than i was thinking i did but not as good as i hoped I would do
Just to send the week off on a happy note... here are a few pics from this past week :)

Me and my love at Cheeseburger In Paradise... Myrtle Beach on our mini 2 day vacay

My gift that i got myself at tanger outlets... My very first Coach ... a prized possession if i do say so myself

and last but not least... and again i say definitely not least... this was parked in front of the store where i work and it is only funnier because of the comment one of my wonderful coworkers made in response... Very Condescending Wonka and I loved it...
"does your license plate seriously say Dollaa? you must be dripping in swag" (OMG)
Its Ok Thursdays

Until next time.... Peace, Love, and Passion... Love Always Tesla