Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fireproof and Waiting...

"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners christ died for us" - Romans 5:8

So I know the title of this post probably seems pretty random to y'all, but I promise you I will get to the point really quickly. Lately I've been feeling pulled in a lot of different directions, life has been stressful, and difficult, and I've been having a terrible time keeping myself in His word. Which is a shame because when you are struggling is when it is most important to make sure you are in God's word daily. However on Sunday afternoon I realized that even if I'm not in His word like I should be, God is still present in my life, still in control, still powerful, and he still knows exactly what I need.
Flash Back to Sunday around lunch time, I'm sitting in my room, cleaning, talking to the guy and procrastinating big time on doing anything productive (like homework) when I just had to hear this song. And when I say had to I mean NEEDED to hear, it was a get on youtube NOW and find this song or you're going to loose it kind of need... So I did just that, I took my happy little behind to youtube and typed in "While I'm Waiting by John Waller" {an amazing song, and if you haven't already heard it you should go and find it now and listen before you read any further} I found the song, clicked on the first video I saw and listened. THe first video however just so happened to be a clip form the movie Fireproof, that just happened to have the song in it.

{Here's the video BTW}
At this point Boyfriend is like "Tesla what are you doing?" So i explain to him about the movie and much to my surprise he wants to watch it {I know my guy wanting to watch a movie with me that isn't about a Car or War amazed me too, but please read on} and the strangest thing happened, he actually enjoyed the movie. I say all this to make a point I promise I think we both realized that at times our relationship needs a Love Dare, and there are a lot of similarities between our relationship and Caleb and Katherines in the movie {aside from the obvious he's firefighter one} and that is a scary realization, but I also know that seeing it is a good thing because then we can work on it, and we can work on it together, as a couple.

Back to the point I really wanted to make, and that was about love! I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in whether or not this person or that person loves us? Are we good enough? Do we matter? Are we special? {I struggle with ALL of these daily so it's ok if you do too, we can be struggle buddies :)} But what I love about the verse at the top of this post {Romans 5:8} is how reassuring it is... God loves us, and how do we know? we know God loves us because he sent his son to die for us, a Son that he loved very much, and he was willing to give up his child so that the rest of us could know him one day. I'd say that's love in a big way. THE ULTIMATE LOVE , and if we have that then what else really matters?
Peace, Love, and Passion
Love Always Tesla

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