Thursday, October 18, 2012

On Wednesdays We Wear... {Late Edition because I'm a Slacker}

Hi Beautiful Bloggy readers! It has been a while hasn't it... well that is all about to change... Welcome back to another edition of On Wednesday's we Wear... and before you say "Hey wait it's not Wednesday.." Yes I know, but I had a lot to do yesterday and wrote this post but forgot to publish so I'm going back and doing it now... Love you. promise!
This weeks outfit is one of my faves! I wore it a few weeks ago as the first of my 40 X 40 outfits {which i've been wearing and keeping up with, i just haven't been taking pics... shame on me... so i'll be starting over as of right now... with this one}

super love this outfit! Statement necklaces like this one make me sooo happy!!!... Oh and Here's a bonus outfit for your trouble {forgive my mirror pic}
Peace Love and Passion {for clothes, pink, and well life} Love Always Tesla

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