Friday, October 19, 2012

Trying something new...

In my last post I mentioned how I sometimes wear hats to school... well that got me feeling a little disappointed in myself when i realized I never try anything new with my hair if i don't feel like washing it that morning, i just pop on a hat and go. Well Today I decided to do something different and so far i'm liking it a lot...
First off I slept with my hair in a pony tail last night on accident so when woke up not only was my hair flat on one side but i had a huge pony tail hump :( No Bueno. I don't own a straightener so something involving a pony tail it is! I took my dry shampoo (I use Tresemme or Suave depending on what they have at my local Walmart when i need it, both are great but i'll give you more of a review on that later ;)) After using the dry shampoo to get the oil out I assaulted my hair with hair spray so it would stay how i put it, brushed it back put in an elastic headband that I made, teased the crown just a little for some volume and pulled the remainder of my hair up into a small pony tail (my hair is incredibly fine so it takes a little bit of work to make it look like it's not) I bobby pinned the hairband in place and gave it one last spray of hair spray to hold it and accessorized with my lovely glasses and my favorite Gamecock earrings. These are the end results... and I must say I'm pleased :)

P.S.. Sorry for the headless horseman shot, I was trying to show my outfit... I love this dress and the best part is it was on sale 70% off when a local boutique here had a moving sale!!!!
Peace Love and Passion Love Always Tesla

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  1. I love the hair and the dress! I have really fine hair too and am always having trouble with it. This looks great and easy enough though!