Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two Truths and a Lie Tuesday...

Happy Tuesday Boy and girls... trying out a brand new link up today... Called Two Truths and a Lie Tuesday... get excited sweeties! I'll be linking up with Asha for this and It should be interesting...
Asha's aspects
1. I was born in Virginia, but When I was six years old my mom and I moved to South Carolina and we've never left.
2. I'm majoring in history and going to grad school after I graduate to get my masters in history, maybe one day my doctorate.
3. I've worked since I was fifteen and a half, I've had six jobs four of which were in the last two years. But the best job I have ever had was working at Pizza Hut when I was in High School.
So Ladies???? Which Ones the Lie... You'll find out at the end of the post :)
Love trying new links ups! This week has been absolutely crazy, actually the past few weeks have been, and It's starting to feel like i've bitten off more than I can chew. SOOO glad that It's almost time for Induction and big/little reveal and I may finally get regular sleep again after that!!!!
Last week my sorority did it's service project for the semester helping at a local children's home to set up for a fall festival they were having! It was amazing! and wonderful to see all the kids so happy, and all my sisters helping out. I don't think i've ever felt so rewarded for doing something. It was great to watch the kids playing and having fun and to know that as a group we had a lot to do with it!
Lastly I had an amazing date night with my boyfriend on friday! So much fun we went to and art festival in a nearby town and then to dinner at a local restaurant to support this competition called Restaurant Wars that a class at our school does. My roommate did it last year and this year one of her friends was in the same class and had the same restaurant so we showed up to try and help them win! {not sure who actually did}... Welll i guess i've kept you waiting long enough

If you Thought the lie was number three... well you're wrong, I really did LOVE Pizza Hut it's the best job i've ever had.

The real lie was number two, No way am I getting my masters in History, I love it, and I'm interested in it, but I'm planning on Law School next year instead of a masters program...
Sorry my truths and lie weren't that interesting... see you again soon
Peace Love and Passion {and honestly i'm a terrible liar} Love Always Tesla


  1. I seriously live for date nights and it sounds like yours was amazing :) I'm so glad you are going to Law School...thats so exciting!

    p.s. - thanks for linking up :)

  2. Great post! I've been working since 15 1/2 too! My first job was at a place called chicken and biscuits and I loved it!! Adorable blog!