Monday, November 12, 2012

A New Addition to the Family....

Friday afternoon, before heading off to induction with my sisters (see separate post to come later) I was blessed to add a new member to my family... She's only two years old, beautiful, feisty, and I sure hope she will be a part of my family for a long time... oh and did I mention her name is Lizzie!!! Oh and I should probably also mention that Lizzie is in fact a 2010 Toyota Carolla that I bought on friday to replace my Sweet Francis the Focus, who's motor threw a rod last Saturday and is with us no more :(.
Lizzie is my third car, and the second one i've bought for myself, and my first ever car with payments that have to be made so this is kind of exciting... My first car was a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am, that saw me through some good times, and some bad ones got me through two years of high school work and football games, and one year of college before a devastating radiator injury put her out of the game for good.
Summer after freshman year I was without a car after the Grand Am died, so i looked on Craigslist and found a 2002 Ford Focus for only $3000 dollars, i came up with the money, paid for her and Francis the focus was mine (Named after Francis Perkins the first Woman in the Cabinet appointed under FDR) I drove her and she was loyal for almost three years until last weekend when she went home to the car heavens in the sky and I was faced once again with carlessness. Now I have my beautiful Lizzie (named after Elizabeth Short AKA the Black Dahlia, yes I know it's morbid but please don't judge me, or google her if you don't know who she is... the pics are pretty bad)... I love her and I can't wait to drive her for a long long time to come!
So Everyone meet Lizzie!!!! I can't wait to drive her for many years to come! Everyone says that a Toyota will last me forever if I maintain it! I sure hope y'all are all right!
Peace, Love, and Passion (for new additions) Tesla Kanning :)

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