Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Years "Resolutions"...

I can't make a New Years Resolution to Save My Life... well make one stick anyway... But I make them each year, and this year won't be any different. The difference this year is that I'm more determined than ever to keep my resolutions, and to do this I think I'm going to need a lot of encouragement, and more importantly a few good friends to keep me accountable...
So Here goes, i'm gonna keep it simple for now (my big list of 52 things to do in 2013 will be posted soon and those goals will be in addition to my new years resolutions so I'm not going to try to stress myself out with a ton of resolutions).. I have ONE new years resolution... and That is...
I Herby Resolve in 2013, to live my life 100%... that is my one and only resolution this year, and I feel like it is more than enough because that is all any of us can ever hope to accomplish, to live our life, and live it well.
So What about each of you??? Any New Years Resolutions you would like to share??
Peace Love and Passion {Resolving to Change Things!}
Love Always Tesla
P.S I know this is probably a long ways off, but I will be hosting an amazing give away once I reach 50 followers... I would love to be able to do it soon so bring some friends and until next time... Find Your Peace, Do What You Love, and Live your passion!!!

It's Ok Thursday...

Hey everybody! It's Thursday again, and even though I haven't done this lately I think it's time to link up with Neely and Amber for a little...
Its Ok Thursdays

I hope everyone had a veery Merry Christmas! and got to enjoy lots of wonderful time with family...
It's OK...
To be a little overly excited about your Christmas Presents.
To have no idea what I'm going to do after graduation in April.
To not want to go on to Law School or Grad school anymore.
To want to start living my life, instead of just going to school for another four years.
To wear colored skinny jeans all the time! I love them and i dont' really care if you think i'm to big to wear them
To want to loose almost 40lbs... and do it before I graduate college
To miss my boyfriend after a few hours apart because I'm used to him being here
TO be a terrible blogger sometimes... It doesn't mean I don't love you all.
Peace Love and Passion... because It's all OK
Love Always Tesla

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Just a Little Christmas Rewind...

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year,coming out only slightly ahead of Back To School, and $10.00 Sushi Buffet Saturdays! No I'm serious here, those are my three favorite times of the year and Christmas only wins by a narrow margin; I jest on that, the margin is actually pretty big... and here's why...
FAMILY!!! I love my family and Christmas is the only time of the year that we really get to spend together. I like presents, and food, but my favorite part of it all will always be days spent with my family and friends... Since Christmas for me is mostly over (I've still got one more Christmas dinner on Saturday with R's Family but other than that I'm dunzo!)I figured I would give you guys a rundown of the Craziness that Is Christmas in my family!
Last Wednesday I had Christmas with my Roommate! It was fabulous. She got me the most amazing Hello Kitty Presents! I can't begin to tell you ladies how much I adore them. Especially my Phone Case and the amazing Mason Jar cup she got me. I got her a monogrammed Frocket and some Lilly items that I really hoped she would love! We had Christmas super early but both of us have crazy schedules during this time of year...
Friday and Saturday nights we had Christmas dinners with my Mom's family (My Nana on Friday and my Papa on Saturday) It was great to sit around and hang out as a family and enjoy each others company. It was awesome to sit at my parents house and listen to my Grandparents talk about when they were younger. I just love them so much. They are just too precious!
Monday (Christmas Eve) was dinner with my daddy, my little sister (i say little but she's 14 this year and acts like such a grown woman some times) and dad's girlfriend. It was nice and quiet, my sister opened her present from me and we had great food. After lunch at dad's I drove to Laurens to see his parents and spend a little time with them before dinner at the only restaurant that was still open (House of Pizza one of my Faves) with my boyfriend and his family. My Christmas eve night was a bit different than normal, instead of staying with my mom or my dad like I have every Christmas before this one I stayed with my boyfriend and his family. It was a little weird but it was also really nice. I got to help his mom bake all sorts of goodies for Christmas morning and had my first experience playing Santa for R's Little brother. It was amazing! I had so much fun and I can't wait to be Santa for my own little ones one day. We went to bed around one in the morning and woke up around 5:30 on Christmas morning.
Christmas day, began with "Santa" at R's house with his family, in my Pj's as soon as I'd woken up... Needless to say I wasn't in the picture taking mood since i'm not much of a morning person these days. His parents surprised me with a stocking full of goodies just for me! I wasn't expecting that and It made me feel so loved and included. After Santa we went down to R's grandparents for Christmas Breakfast and more presents with his family. After opening all our presents, including our presents to each other R and I got together food to take to his Fire Department for the guys working Christmas Day and then went and had lunch in the country with his extended family, and still more presents... It was almost 3pm when I finally made it to my parents house and got to see my favorite people for Christmas, and that's where I'll be for the next few days, enjoying time with my mom before I go back to school.
It's been one more crazy week and It isn't over yet, but I wouldn't trade a single moment from any of it!
Hoping you all had a christmas as wonderful as mine, and will have a very happy new year!
Peace Love and Passion,
Love Always Tesla

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Loves...

I just wanted to take a brief moment to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! I will be spending my day with family and friends, and I hope that each and every single one of you will have an equally amazing and blessed day.
However as we celebrate this time with family, It is important that we remember that we are beyond fortunate to have the people we love by our sides this Holiday Season, In light of recent events I think everyone should just remember how lucky they really are, and take a moment on this Christmas Day to Pray for all those who aren't as lucky as we are, all those hurting and suffering, and those who have lost loved ones because for them, this Christmas won't be a time of happy celebration, It will be darker and less joyus and we should just all remember that. Merry Christmas Loves! See you again soon.
Peace Love and Passion,
Love Always Tesla

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Vox Box...

Ya'll I am In LOVE! i don't know how many of you know what Influenster is, but it's this great site that lets you share your opinions on products and services with other people, you earn points towards badges and if you are a lucky duck (like I was) you will get the opportunity to receive one of their amazing Vox Boxes!
A Vox Box is a Box full of goodies, that Influenster will deliver to your doorstep if you are selected, and I was lucky enough to be the recipient of the Holiday Vox Box 2012!!! I am super excited to share with all you guys the wonderful products I received... SO here goes... 2012 Holiday Vox Box Review :)
This is picture of my box and everything that came in it... needless to say I was Beyond Thrilled because MY BOX ROCKS!!! Here's the skinny on what I got...
Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal- retail value is roughly $2.00 per cup, I received the summer berry oatmeal +, and I am really looking forward to having it for Breakfast in the morning! I LOVE oatmeal and am always excited to try new kinds.
NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine - I usually don't use NYC makeup products, but I was really excited to receive this Nude gloss in my box. I don't use lip color on a daily basis, only Chapstick, but for special occasions i Love a good Nude Gloss. The color I received was Nude York City, and It was perfect! It's not sticky at all and the color is so pretty and understated that I may never just wear Chapstick again :) The price is the best part, this is one thing i can for sure afford to use as a staple in my makeup routine... It's less than $3.00 and That I adore!The only downside to the gloss is it's smell, it is very sweet smelling and really made me want cake (some people might not think thats major... so take my complaint with a grain of salt)
Kiss Nail Dress - these stick on nail polish strips are AMAZING!!!!! I put them on as soon as i opened my box and I was so happy. They look great! The box says they will last up to 10 days! We will see because if thats the case I will 100% for sure be buying these strips again despite their $7.00 price tag.

Goody QuikStyle Brush - This brush is so weird! I've never seen anything like it in my life! And that Is not necessarily a bad thing in my book! I was sent the paddle style brush, and it is soo cool! The microfiber bristles between the normal bristles made my hair super smooth when I brushed it earlier and I can't wait until tomorrow so i can see if it really helps with detangling and drying my wet hair! The description said it's like a towel and brush in one :)
Sole Society - I am going to enjoy using this $25.00 off coupon for Sole Society!!! I love shoes and my Vox Box had an amazing coupon inside it!!! SO PSYCHED
Eboost - This was the last item in my box, and the one I am most hesitant about using... I don't drink energy drinks so I am a little concerned about using an energy boosting drink... however they sent me pink lemonade, which I love the flavor of and it is very tempting to tear open the packet, mix it with some high quality H2O and drink it down... maybe later this week when Christmas gets me down I will have to give it a try... Maybe?
Well there goes... my review of my super wonderful Holiday Vox Box... if you aren't already on Influenster you should really consider giving it a try!
Peace Love and Passion, (For Freebies... DUR) Love Always Tesla

Monday, December 17, 2012

Senior Year Update!

Sweet sweet readers, todays post is bitter sweet... my next to last semester of college is officially over and that means that only one semester, four short months stands between me and crossing that stage in April with a Diploma in my hand...
And Oh buddy am I FREAKING OUT!!!!
I never imagined that it would all go by this fast, had you asked me three and a half years ago where I would be today I would have never been able to imagine I would be here, a semester from Graduation with absolutely no idea what my future holds, not clue what I am going to do with my life, and no idea what I WANT to do with it, which is slightly worse an a bit more frustrating.
Three years ago I was a naive freshman, starting college at a good "Christian" school that I would soon learn was full of some not so good "Christian" people, I was majoring in Education, something that i'm pretty sure i never really wanted to do in the first place
And now things are so different, I'm not at a Christian school anymore, and i've never been closer to God, I'm in a Christian Sorority, filled with kind, good Christian girls who help me to grow daily, and I'm at a college where I'm happy and accepted. I'll be graduating with a Bachelors Degree in History,and even though I don't know what I want to do with my life I do know that It isn't in the realm of Education (point blank I don't handle kids or stress or rules well... teaching isn't for me)
So Now that you know where i've been, and where I am... Here's a recap of this past semester
- I applied to Law school, and Have been accepted into several. However Like I said I'm unsure of what my future holds
- I served as Service Project Coordinator for my Sorority and loved every minute of it
- I met, bonded with, and now have the most amazing and wonderful Little I could have ever hoped for. My little Sigma Family is complete... I can't wait until next year when my Little becomes a real big and gives me a beautiful grandlittle; even though I won't be at Lander to see it :(
- I worked my butt off to get four B's and Two A's this semester, not what I aim for but It's better than i was expecting
- I registered for my last ever college semester, and my last five college courses
- I learned that I do make a difference
- and I managed to not let my blog completely self destruct :) I think i get points for that :p
This semester has been crazy, long, stressful, and sometimes painful but I'm looking forward to my last semester more than you could possibly imagine.
Peace Love and Passion,
Love Always Tesla

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On Wednesday We Wear ... No Denim for a week :)

As a general rule I like to play it safe when it comes to my clothes, I tend to wear blue jeans and tee shirts. I love daring fashion choices, but on other people, not on me... As for me I play it safe and stick with clothes that I know look good on me and I'm comfortable in. However I have a whole closet FULL and I do mean full of cute clothes that I never ever wear and I think it's time I started changing that...
So this week ladies I present to you... On Wednesday's We {don't} Wear Denim... Five Outfits without jeans... Not Sure if I can actually manage this one but Here Goes Nothing ... My apologies for all the mirror pics... I don't have anyone to consistently take pics for me so selfies in the school bathroom it is :(
(Blue Striped Dress, black leggings, blue ballet flats and a silver Scarf)
(Yellow Skinny Jeans, navy top with birds, brown leather boots, and a white bubble necklace)
(Khaki Pants, lilly top and blue jean jacket)
(yellow dress, brown tights, brown boots, and green cardi :))
(Brown High Waisted Skirt, Navy V neck Tee from the Gap and blue flats)
Needless to say on Saturday I wore blue jeans and a tee shirt... because I love my blue jeans and have missed them this past week... but i made it! All In all this week wasn't so bad.
Peace, Love and Passion Love Always Tesla

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Final Exam Weak...

I mean week... or do I???
For many of you this week may have already come and gone, or maybe if you're not in school you don't have this week of life to stress you out anymore... But there is always something that stresses us out, so today's post is a few tips to deal with what I like to call "Final Exam Weak", that terrible exhausted feeling you get after a long week of finals that doesn't seem to want to end, well here are a couple tips i've come up with over seven semesters of College finals that help me beat the week and not come out of the other end feeling so exhausted that I'm a zombie until two days before Christmas... Here goes nothing...
#1. Just go ahead now and accept the fact that you will get what you get. I AM NOT SAYING DO NOT STUDY... please don't even think I mean that. You should study, and often, especially during finals week. What I mean here is stop freaking out, because freaking about getting a certain grade on your final exam is going to stress you out even more and your studying will be less effective if you are freaking out. SO take a deep breath and repeat after me "I will get what I get, and that grade will be the grade I earned." take another deep breath, pick up that Political Science text book and your seventy pages of notes since midterm and study (ehh maybe this is just me... pick up what ever text book and notes you need to be studying and study :)) but be calm while you study.
#2. If the teacher gives you a study guide, for the love of all things USE THE DERN THING!!!! I can not tell you how many times I've been in a class where the professor tells people exactly what is on the test and they still don't study it. If your professor is going to take the time to narrow down for you what you are going to have on your final exam what sense does it make not to use it. And to the girl in my class who told me that the professor gave us a study guide to trick/confuse us, Umm NO MA'AM, Professors are busy and if they take the time to make you a study guide it is not going to be designed to trick you. USE THE GUIDES... However If the teacher doesn't give you a study guide (for example my history professors obviously don't believe in them) Make use of the professor as a resource, do not be afraid to call, email, or even stop by your professors office before exam week to talk with him/her about the final exam. They will not think you are stupid, quite the opposite they will be very impressed that you cared enough about your grade to seek them out *** disclaimer here, unless they are a complete jerk, but in that case you probably know that ahead of time*** Professors can be your biggest allies in a course, use them It's what they get paid for. But don't waste their time!
#3.It is inevitable, that while studying you will do one or both of these two things...
#3.1 - You will study too much for a class that you don't need to.
#3.2 - you will fail to study enough for an exam that you really did need to.
whichever of these you do, you will be fine. I PROMISE! Because what you will learn is that there really is no such thing as too prepared, and that one C or forbid it, even a D on a final exam is not going to kill you. Calm down and take your final. I'll honestly admit I do both of these things on a regular basis, at least once a term, sometimes more than once and You will probably do fine, because even though you are over/under prepared, you are at least somewhat prepared and that will pay off even if it's not the grade you were hoping for :)
#4. Avoid getting sick (something I didn't manage to do this year, feeling pretty crappy this week so this advice is coming from recent/current experience) It SUCKS to be sick and have to do hard core studying! Nothing is worse than being sick and wanting to sleep when you really need to stay up and study for that {insert class name here} exam. I know it isn't always possible not to get sick, but avoid extra risks, like intentionally hanging out with sick friends/boyfriends/spouses/etc. Wash your hands on the regular, and carry some hand sanitizer with you. Oh and Airborne is your friend. If you do manage to catch an exam week cold/flu/sickness drink lots of water, and get yourself better (DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL IF YOU ARE CONTAGIOUS not even your teacher wants you to take an exam if you are ralphing all over the place they will generally let you make that up) If you're not throwing up/contagious/running a fever than you should be good to take your finals, but bring your own cough drops because NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOU HACK UP A LUNG FOR TWO HOURS (again speaking from experience)
#5. Break often... Take breaks when you are studying (for example I'm writing this post while taking a break from studying for that Political Science class I was talking about in tip #1)You know how long you can focus on something, especially when it isn't that exciting to begin with. SO don't torture yourselves, when you start feeling drained take a break, get a snack, breathe!
#6. My last tip :) has to do with taking the test itself. Take your time, and don't freak out if you don't know all the answers, if college has taught me anything about test taking it is that some credit is better than no credit, and it is always preferable to answer every question at least half right. If you don't try you get a zero every single time, if you just try you never know where you might get! OH and if everyone is finishing before you... DON'T freak about that either, you get two hours for a reason and smart students will use most of that time on most exams, because there is no shame in double or triple checking your answers even on the simplest of exams. Take your time, check your work and I promise you the results will be worth the trouble.
Good luck loves! Hope you found my pointers semi helpful and if not at least enjoy the images :) i picked them out especially for you ;)
Peace Love Passion {and study hard for those finals loves!}
Love Always Tesla
Oh and one more just because I couldn't possibly not include this meme :)