Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Years "Resolutions"...

I can't make a New Years Resolution to Save My Life... well make one stick anyway... But I make them each year, and this year won't be any different. The difference this year is that I'm more determined than ever to keep my resolutions, and to do this I think I'm going to need a lot of encouragement, and more importantly a few good friends to keep me accountable...
So Here goes, i'm gonna keep it simple for now (my big list of 52 things to do in 2013 will be posted soon and those goals will be in addition to my new years resolutions so I'm not going to try to stress myself out with a ton of resolutions).. I have ONE new years resolution... and That is...
I Herby Resolve in 2013, to live my life 100%... that is my one and only resolution this year, and I feel like it is more than enough because that is all any of us can ever hope to accomplish, to live our life, and live it well.
So What about each of you??? Any New Years Resolutions you would like to share??
Peace Love and Passion {Resolving to Change Things!}
Love Always Tesla
P.S I know this is probably a long ways off, but I will be hosting an amazing give away once I reach 50 followers... I would love to be able to do it soon so bring some friends and until next time... Find Your Peace, Do What You Love, and Live your passion!!!

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