Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On Wednesday We Wear ... No Denim for a week :)

As a general rule I like to play it safe when it comes to my clothes, I tend to wear blue jeans and tee shirts. I love daring fashion choices, but on other people, not on me... As for me I play it safe and stick with clothes that I know look good on me and I'm comfortable in. However I have a whole closet FULL and I do mean full of cute clothes that I never ever wear and I think it's time I started changing that...
So this week ladies I present to you... On Wednesday's We {don't} Wear Denim... Five Outfits without jeans... Not Sure if I can actually manage this one but Here Goes Nothing ... My apologies for all the mirror pics... I don't have anyone to consistently take pics for me so selfies in the school bathroom it is :(
(Blue Striped Dress, black leggings, blue ballet flats and a silver Scarf)
(Yellow Skinny Jeans, navy top with birds, brown leather boots, and a white bubble necklace)
(Khaki Pants, lilly top and blue jean jacket)
(yellow dress, brown tights, brown boots, and green cardi :))
(Brown High Waisted Skirt, Navy V neck Tee from the Gap and blue flats)
Needless to say on Saturday I wore blue jeans and a tee shirt... because I love my blue jeans and have missed them this past week... but i made it! All In all this week wasn't so bad.
Peace, Love and Passion Love Always Tesla

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