Monday, December 17, 2012

Senior Year Update!

Sweet sweet readers, todays post is bitter sweet... my next to last semester of college is officially over and that means that only one semester, four short months stands between me and crossing that stage in April with a Diploma in my hand...
And Oh buddy am I FREAKING OUT!!!!
I never imagined that it would all go by this fast, had you asked me three and a half years ago where I would be today I would have never been able to imagine I would be here, a semester from Graduation with absolutely no idea what my future holds, not clue what I am going to do with my life, and no idea what I WANT to do with it, which is slightly worse an a bit more frustrating.
Three years ago I was a naive freshman, starting college at a good "Christian" school that I would soon learn was full of some not so good "Christian" people, I was majoring in Education, something that i'm pretty sure i never really wanted to do in the first place
And now things are so different, I'm not at a Christian school anymore, and i've never been closer to God, I'm in a Christian Sorority, filled with kind, good Christian girls who help me to grow daily, and I'm at a college where I'm happy and accepted. I'll be graduating with a Bachelors Degree in History,and even though I don't know what I want to do with my life I do know that It isn't in the realm of Education (point blank I don't handle kids or stress or rules well... teaching isn't for me)
So Now that you know where i've been, and where I am... Here's a recap of this past semester
- I applied to Law school, and Have been accepted into several. However Like I said I'm unsure of what my future holds
- I served as Service Project Coordinator for my Sorority and loved every minute of it
- I met, bonded with, and now have the most amazing and wonderful Little I could have ever hoped for. My little Sigma Family is complete... I can't wait until next year when my Little becomes a real big and gives me a beautiful grandlittle; even though I won't be at Lander to see it :(
- I worked my butt off to get four B's and Two A's this semester, not what I aim for but It's better than i was expecting
- I registered for my last ever college semester, and my last five college courses
- I learned that I do make a difference
- and I managed to not let my blog completely self destruct :) I think i get points for that :p
This semester has been crazy, long, stressful, and sometimes painful but I'm looking forward to my last semester more than you could possibly imagine.
Peace Love and Passion,
Love Always Tesla

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