Monday, January 28, 2013

52 in 2013 progress update :)

Surprisingly, even to myself I might add... I actually have already completed and marked off my list some of my goals for 2013 {Insert Celebratory fist pump... ala Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club}
In the short amount of time this year has been going on I've...
2. Found a Church to call home (at least until I graduate in April, move and have to start all over).
8. Be a more dedicated Blogger... I'm doing really well on this one.
17. Be a Healthier Eater - I've completely cut out soda which is terribly hard :( especially with the caffeine headaches I get on the Reg.
18. Don't eat fast food... I've done really well on this. I have only eaten fast food one time, and it was a pizza place so I don't really consider that fast food.
30. Take Photo-booth Pictures with my Guy.
I'll keep posting updates as I cross things off my list... and you can keep up with my progress by looking at the original post... I will be marking things off as I succeed!
Peace, Love, Passion {For achieving my goals}
Love Always Tesla

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