Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fashionista Probs...

Well not really... more like Wannabe fashionista probs
I wouldn't call myself a Fashionista, but I do my best, Which means that on top of my everyday jeans and tees {that I'm super comfortable in, but trying to get out of the habit of relying on them} I have an equally impressive collection of "other clothes." Dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, dressy shirts, jackets, boots, heels, professional attire and even a few items that have never ever been worn... but that is all beside the point really. The point here is that while sitting in my room the other night contemplating "Big Girl World" as I like to call it I realized that I'm facing quite a dilema as far as clothes are concerned...
That dilema is being faced with sharing my much coveted closet space with another person {R might be in TROUBLE cause his girl has A LOT of clothes}
Currently I have A big closet all to myself, as well as one large dresser and a chest of drawers in which to house my clothes and all three of them are STUFFED! as in when my clothes are all clean you can't fit a piece of paper in there. I haven't had to share a closet since ... well ever, even freshman year of college when I shared my room with two other girls I had a closet to myself because on of my roommates didn't hang up any of her clothes... at home I had a walk in closet complete with book shelf and shoe cubbies, and I've just always managed to have a closet to myself... I'm spoiled ladies and gentlemen.
Now that i've proven myself sufficiently spoiled rotten let me get to the real reason I am writing this post, I am actually scared of having to share my closet space, not my bed, my kitchen, my bathroom, or any other aspect of sharing that comes with living with your significant other... I am totally ok with sharing every other aspect of my life with R... But I can't wrap my head around sharing a closet... Go Figure :)
Peace, Love and Passion (for not sharing my closet space)
Love Always Tesla

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