Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Ok Thursday...

Happy Thursday Beautiful Ones... I am so happy to be back with you all! The first week of school was CRAZY but I think I've finally recovered enough to get back to Blogging! Guess that means it's time to link up with Neely and Amber for a little...
Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok....
To go NON Stop four days a week because it just makes your three day weekends seem so much better (I am currently at school from 8 am to 9pm or later Monday through Thursday between classes, work, and the gym so it's been a super long week!) But it's all ok!
To still not know where my future is leading me, but to know that where ever it is i will be happy and that is all that matters.
To be a little sad that my blog doesn't have the following i wish it had.
To use my lack of followers as motivation to blog more in hopes that more people will see my little blog.
To worry daily that i'm slipping back into that darkness, and depression that has taken me over so many times before, and to be afraid that i can't do anything to stop it.
To know that even though things are hard, I have friends and sisters who love me and are here for me.
To secretly get annoyed with people for things that shouldn't annoy me, and to never tell them about it
To wonder if i'm weird, and nobody like me... on the reg!
And Last but not least... It is OKAY that I have NO IDEA what I want to write me senior capstone (thesis) paper on! {Ideas would be appreciated! I'm a History major and it has to have something to do with sport :) }
Peace, Love, and Passion {From my heart to yours}
Love always, Tesla K.

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  1. New Follower :) Look forward to learning more about you. Found your blog through the link up.