Saturday, January 19, 2013

Taylor Swift Songs...

The full title of this post should be... Taylor Swift Songs, And How They Sometimes are actually pretty true to my life (And How sad I find that because I don't really want Taylor Swift Songs to apply to my life)... But Alas, that title is much too long ;).
I'll be the first to admit that I LOVE T. Swift, I'm a huge fan! Her songs make me laugh, cry and basically experience the whole range of human emotions in one CD.
Her New CD Red is my favorite by far! But while listening to it on the way home from my parents house tonight I realized that there was actually a song on the album that fits my life... like 110%... That song would be Stay, Stay, Stay...
It pretty sums up mine and R's relationship from word one... But the part that really gets me is I'm not sure how I feel about this... I love the song, but thinking about my relationship in terms of a T. Swift makes me very sad {especially given the kind of relationships she writes about generally AKA the ones that don't work out} I love my guy, I acknowledge that dating me is hard sometimes {like 90% of the time actually} but I am so glad that I have a guy who loves me when i'm mad, sad, hateful, hurtful, rude, and even downright evil.
So here's to you T. Swift, for writing a song that reminds me of how lucky I am, and how crazy R must be for dating me these past six years. I love that he loves me, and i love that he Stays :)
Peace, Love, Passion {For songs that remind me what Love is}
Love Always, Tesla

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