Friday, January 18, 2013

The Best Video On You Tube...

**** Please Please Heed this warning... These videos are my faves... However They aren't the cleanest videos :) So I love you guys and maybe don't watch Bo.****
Well Maybe not... but certainly one of my favorites! There are about a million videos on you tube that I could watch over and over again but my number one all time favorite would have to be Jenna Marbles, How Girls Pack a Suitcase... It is by far the funniest and one of the best that I have ever watched... oh and it's pretty true to life as far as i'm concerned... {I've shared it below just so you guys can see what i mean...} I have many many more favorite You Tube Vids... so here goes... My Top Five...
5. My Push up Bra Will Help me Get my Man... I mean i challenge you to watch this and not LOL.
4. Bo Burnham Videos ... again I laugh sooo hard
3. Any Epic Rap Battle of History... I love them all and I just can't choose.
2. Drunk History... I love them all but the Video about Nickola Tesla is Numero Uno IN my book!
1. Jenna Marbles - How Girls Pack a Suitcase.
As Always My Loves...
Peace, Love, and Passion {For You Tube Videos that makes us laugh}
Love Always, Tesla

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