Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's In My Bag

Hi lovelies... I've been planning to do this particular post for a while if for no other reason than to show all ya'll the Ridiculous amount of stuff I carry around in my "pocketbook" which is not really a pocket book at all, more of a full fledged tote! I've always been a huge fan of big pocketbooks, the bigger the better and my pocket book is a full fledged beast master! I present to you... The Lilly Pulitzer Large Tote! A pocket book (tote bag) of epic proportions! Obviously with such a large Pocketbook I carry around a good bit of stuff with me on a daily basis. So here's my closest guess at most of what is in my bag on a daily basis.
My Laptop (AKA my Baby Mackie)
Lilly Pulitzer Agenda in U Gotta Regatta
Kate Spade Journal (from target :))
Various Packs of Sticky Notes
Camera (Nikon Coolpix)
Cell Phone
iPod and headphones (for breaks between classes)
My Pencil Pouch with ...
- Pilot G2 Pens
- Sharpie Gel Highlighters
- Lead Pencils
- Erasers
My Makeup Bag with ...
- NYC Liquid Lipshine
- Two EOS lip glosses {They are my fave an I can't choose a favorite flavor}
- BBW Pocket Bac
- bottle of lotion
- VS Pink body mist
- My Avon Nail wear Pro + in Lagoon that is still in my purse from when I went "All In for Ali" and painted my toenails blue to support Miss SC Ali Rogers in the Miss America Pageant :) Oh and since I go to school from early morning to pretty late at night I almost always have snacks... or sometimes a whole meal in there :)
So that's what's in my bag :) and possibly 90% of why I have shoulder problems.
Peace Love and Passion {For Bags Duh}
Love Always Tesla

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