Friday, February 08, 2013

A Day... scratch that, Week in the Life...

Let me start out with a little exciting news... This lil lady has submitted her application to gradaute, paid all her fees, and finished all her fine arts credtis so that the only thing standing between me and gradation is a C or higher in all my classes :) Not that I'm ok with C's but at least I know the pressure is off a teensy bit {very teensy but any relief is something}
I know we're all super busy this time of year, especially those of us who are graduating in April... these last 2 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days are going to be so filled with stuff that they are going to be the death of me I just know it... but I got to thinking the other day about how ridiculous my weekly schedule is that I decided that I would share a little glimpse of it with you guys :)
So here it goes...
Monday February 4
Get up... 5:30 am, make lunch and eat a quick breakfast
Gym at 6:00, cardio, abs, weights. Shower at 7:30 or 8:00 depending on how long Gym took, have a snack :) Work from 9:00 am - 11:30 am Lunch and Research Block until 1:50 (This basically means I would have free time if it weren't for the fact that this semester is seminar so i spend this time in the library researching for my paper) World War One Class from 1:50 - 3:20 but that got cancelled today, so instead i did an online assignment Shopping trip for homecoming supplies with the Activities Director :) Dinner Miss Lander Pageant to cheer on my friend Lindsay... normally i would be at work and then the gym during this time Sigma Meeting 9:00 - whenever that ends but usually 10:30 Homework and pray that I can get in bed by midnight and succeed in getting in bed but not without failing to complete some homework:(
Tuesday February 5
Tuesday's and Thursday's are usually nice because I get to sleep in a little bit since I don't work mornings :)
THat was not the case today... thank you test :( Wake up 6:30 am, breakfast, check email finish homework/studying for Philosophy test i have this morning.Leave for school around 9:15 so I can get a decent parking spot near the library
Stop by said library to print an article and do some last minute studying... and maybe snap a pic of my outfit in the br mirror (not ashamed, I don't exactly have people lining up to photograph my OOTD for this blog)
9:45 - Class (Philosophy Test... eek)and snack
11:30 - Warfare .... snore
1:00 - 3:00 i get a lunch break before Modern China from 3:00 - 4:30 (and again snore), Work 5:00 - 8:00 Go home and do homework until bed... which tonight consisted of reading an entire book, writing a paper on it, reading an article and answering questions about it, reading a chapter in our WWI source book and doing a Primary Source Worksheet on it, oh and attempting to begin studying for my Warfare test on Thurs... (sounds so fun doesn't it)
OH and I got a very exciting letter that I will be telling you about soon.
Wednesday February 6,{AKA heck day... the worst day of the week was literally a terrible day}
Woke up at 6:30 am after having gone to bed at 3:00 that morning. Went to work at 9, class at 1:50, and then home to cook Tacos... for my night class which went terribly! I burned the taco meat, people complained, Tesla got mad.
Then after class we had the homecoming committee meeting and I had to study for a test so another late night :/
Thursday February 7
Today didn't suck half as bad as the rest of the week... because slacker that I am, i only went to one of my three classes... the one i had a test in. I skipped the rest, went home and cleaned my room and then spent the evening with my rooms and a friend... all in all not bad day... but one that ended with Cookout at One am (if you don't know what cook out is you need to)
Friday February 8,
another not so bad day! Because i don't have classes on fridays :)Work from 9 to 11:30, then drove almost two hours to another college to do research for my Seminar paper, which I really want to change the topic on BTW!
After a couple hours of research I went to my Grandparents house for a while before finally heading back home... which is where i am now... home waiting on R. to get here so I can see him at least for a few hours before he has to be back at work and i have to dive headfirst into the pile of homework that Is eagerly awaiting me... goody :) So that's a week in my life... a pretty typical one anyway :)
Peace, Love, Passion
Love Always, Tesla

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