Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine {Giveaway}...

Hey loves! So it's February 14th... aka Valentines Day... aka Singles Awareness Day
(which I would like to point out needs to be given another name since SAD also happens to be the akronym for Social Axiety Disorder ... just saying I would recomend Awesome on My Own Day {AMOD}, or I Love Me Day {ILMD}, or my personal favorite, I Love to Include Everyone Day {ILIED} think about that one for a minute... the akronym is kinda funny)
Little rant aside, I always loved Valentines Day, (even when I wasn't with R), It's a wonderful day to celebrate Love in general, a holiday invented by a card company can still be a special day!
When I was younger {by that I mean until senior year of high school btw} I would get up early on Valentines day and get my outfit together, something pink and special that made me happy, get my Valentines together and head to school :) no lies I did this every year for such a long time that I kinda miss it now that I don't have the same group of friends and people.
Since R and I have been together we've never spent a Valentines apart, and tomorrow will be the first, He has work I have school, so we won't be going out or anything :(... So I've decided that you guys will be my Valentines :)
Starting now, and going until midnight tonight I will be hosting a special Valentine's give away! and since there aren't too many of you guys then Odds are in your favor.
Here's what you do...
1) Follow my blog :) (I will be checking and If you don't do this you can't win.)
2) Go like the Peace, Love, Passion FB page here.
3) Follow me on Twitter here... oh and tweet about the give away for an extra entry 3) Comment on this post one time for each thing... telling me you did items 1-4 (if you follow and tweet), then tell me What your best/worst/funniest/craziest valentines memory is???
I will choose the winner Randomly using the Random number Generator... and Let ya'll know who wins tomorrow... oh and what they won becasuse this little gifty is a surprise and... well I can't tell you till you enter
Love you guys with all my heart!
Love Always, Tesla :)