Monday, February 18, 2013

Big News...

Totally kidding guys... i didn't get into Harvard, I didn't even apply there I just LOVE this shirt
We're talking LIFE CHANGERS today on the blog :)
I'm super excited to share some amazing/wonderful/scary/thrilling news with my lovely blog fam!
A week or so ago (here) I mentioned on here that I had gotten a letter that I was really excited about and that I would tell you all about that soon... well soon is here :) That letter was my official acceptance letter to law school, but not just any law school! It was my acceptance letter to the law school of my dreams :) I think every little girl who grew up a Carolina Fan secretly wants to attend this school at some point in their life, I applied to the Undergraduate program four years ago and wasn't accepted but since then I've attended two wonderful colleges, worked hard, and studied even harder and a few months ago I sent off my second application to the University of South Carolina, this time for the USC school of Law and I got in! After months of questioning if Law School was for me, and sweating if I was even good enough to get into my top school I got my acceptance letter in the mail {complete with request for $500.00 of course right, hey we love you... by the way send us money}
After some debate and lots of prayer, I know that USC Law is the place for me and I am happy to tell you all that in August I will be moving to Columbia SC!!! Watch out state capital me and R are on our way! Oh and just so you know, Lindsay,Paige, and Mackenzie get ready because I'm thinking that since I'll be so close seeing you girls on the regular is a must... Besides I'll need some natives to show me around my new town :)
I couldn't be more excited right now if I tried! and to you all my lovely blog readers! I'm so excited to say that I'm gonna take you with me, I can't wait for Peace, Love, Passion Law School Edition!
Peace, Love, Passion {for the law, for law school, for moving forward}
Love Always Tesla

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