Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just my Opinion...

so please don't criticize me too harshly...
I sometimes think that we (college students as a whole) forget that this world is a scary place, that we aren't as safe as we think we are, and that the world (our worlds) can change in a minute.
And personally I feel like the whole atmosphere of college does a LOT to support us in those beliefs... For the most part throughout our college careers we are safe, we feel safe, we live in a world where reality can't really touch us, especially if we live on campus. We expect to be protected, and for the most part we are.
Now I'm not saying bad things never happen, I think the tragedy last night at Coastal Carolina, and even the events in the past two years near my own school show that quite clearly along with a long list of other tragedies from the past ten years that bad things, terrible things can happen on and around college campuses...
What I am saying is that maybe just maybe we should talk about these things before they happen... not just after.
We change the rules after something bad happens, fight for Gun control after shootings, teach Rape Awareness and Defense classes after students are assaulted, put up Emergency Call Polls and lights after someone gets killed, and warn people to look out for themselves and others only when the danger is immediate, To me this makes NO SENSE!!!!
Why does it take one tragedy to make people prepared for another??? I just don't get this... Why can't we just always be aware that bad things happen?
I'm not saying live in fear, but I truly believe that college students, regardless of how safe your campus is, how small, how large, or where it is located, should be aware and prepared in case something bad does happen, we should be talking about these tragedies now about how to prevent them, how to make our schools and campuses safer, BEFORE tragedy strikes... NOT after.
That's just my little rant for the evening... Hope you guys still love me after :)

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