Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Keep me accountable...

Hey loves! So yesterday was Mardi Gras, which means today is Ash Wednesday and if you're like me and observe Lent the 40 days between today and Easter then today is the day you give up something. You may remember last year I posted about this??? If not the link is here, and I'm proud to say that I was actually able to give up being jealous for lent, but it came right back, the others well those were much harder and I am ashamed to say that I didn't do very well.
This year however I decided to give up things for the betterment of myself, I chose three things that I don't need in my life, and replacing them with things I do.
This year there are Three:
1. Television - for the next 40 days I will not watch TV, not even the news. Instead of spending my free time watching TV i intend to spend it first in the word, and then working on dedicating myself to my other commitments (School, Sorority, family, friends.) Because I feel that the amount of time i spend watching TV, especially on the weekends is sad and I could better spend it doing almost anything else.
2. Soda's - in reality this one is just because I really need to break the bad habit i've gotten into of turning to sodas for my caffeine fix. They are really bad for me :( so for the next 40 days (and hopefully long after than) it's coffee and green tea for me...
3. Bread - this is one that I have done since high school, and It's a huge sacrifice for me {I have three main food groups and Bread is the biggest followed distantly by veggies and sweets :)} so giving up bread for me was always a huge sacrifice, something that made me miserable for almost the entire 40 days.
I love you guys! And I'm depending on the people I love to help me stay accountable! If you see me go for that remote slap it out of my hands, if i reach for that cheeseburger slap that out to... just saying I need help :)
What about ya'll what are you giving up? And who's keeping you accountable??
Peace Love Passion
Love always Tesla

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