Tuesday, February 05, 2013

That Time I actually...

Made recipes off of pinterest:)
Sunday I sat down, planned out my meals for the weke, wrote them all down, bought the necessary ingredients and then made two recipes off pinterest that will last me a few days (the Breakfast muffins I made enough for five days breakfasts, and the sausage and greenbeans will probably last me three days worth of dinners)
Pinned Here These don't look anything like the picture but they taste fantastic! The only thing i would modify is adding a little salt and pepper... they were kinda bland for my taste :)
Pinned Here This was a major success... i didn't use potatoes which probably is why it was kinda greasy. But i love the green beans and sausage together. I added mushrooms to give it a little extra substance. But those need to be cooked first and then added. Otherwise they get very chewy :)
Hope you will all try these out at home... and enjoy!
Peace Love and Passion,
Love Always Tesla

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