Tuesday, March 26, 2013

That time I fell in Love....

Y'all! I am in LOVE... completely and totally 100% head over heels in love... with Columbia South Carolina!
This past weekend the bestie and I travelled to Columbia for admitted Student's day at USC Law School and from the moment I hit those city limits I never wanted to leave again!
This may sound crazy to some of you, but this small town girl fell hard for the big city! You guys may remember my post from a few weeks ago about getting into law school... or even more recently my mentioning being more than a little nervous about going to Columbia on my own for the first time {I didn't wind up going alone thank goodness} but the best friend and i had the best time exploring the city i'll call home in a little less than four months.
It was fantastic.... here's a photo spread of our amazing adventure! (which I made with my super amazing My Memories Suite!)

We had so much fun, and I can't wait to get back!
Peace, Love, Passion
Love Always Tesla

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Come find me on BlogLovin :)

Since Google friend connect and google reader are apparently going bye bye... i'm so behind the times it isn't even funny this semester
I decided it might be time to head on over to BlogLovin ... so just click on the link below to follow me through blogLovin.
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Love You Guys!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Him & Her ...

SO it's a little late in the day... but I'm linking up with Harley & Jane for Him & Her...

Him: Carhart and Tee Shirts
Her: Lilly Pulitzer and skinny jeans

Him: Green
Her: Pink

Him: BBQ Wings.
Her: Pizza Rolls.

Him: Hard Worker/volunteer firefighter
Her: Student: Heading to Law School in the fall.

Him: Never knows what he's doing five minutes from now.
Her: Has her whole life planned out already.

Him: Loves Gamecock Football games.
Her: Loves Gamecock Football games.

Him: Duck Dynasty.
Her: Pretty Little Liars.

Him: Small town boy.
Her: Big City Dreamer.

Him: Five Finger Death Punch
Her: Halestorm
Harley & Jane

Really enjoyed that more than I probably should have :)
Peace, Love, Passion
Love Always Tesla

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On Wednesday's We Wear...

I've become obsessed, i guess thats the right word!, I am totally and completely obsessed with Colored denim skinny jeans... I now own four pairs, Red, Coral, Seafoam, and Yellow and I wear them all the time...
It's really my go to look and I mean that! I wear my colored skinny jeans with boots, flats, heels, tunics, tee's, scarfs, etc... there are so many style variations that I really just recommend you go out and get you some... Here are a few pictures of my favorite looks (thanks to mom for being my style photo shoot buddy over Spring Break!)
You've all seen my seafoam and yellow jeans on here plenty (with boots and my fave sandals)... but here they are again :)

And here are my red and coral (they look more pink in this) jeans... one outfit is more dressy and the other is more laid back :)

As you can see in these pictures (if you didn't already know) I'm a bigger girl, and i think skinny jeans are perfect for girls my size, girls bigger, and girls smaller! It all depends on how you think you look in them, and most importantly how you feel :) Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't wear something because who ever said it it to you is LYING!
So i'm going to Columbia this weekend for USC's accepted students day and I could not be more excited/nervous! I'll let yall know how it goes! UNtil next time :)
Love you Guys Always!
Peace, Love, Passion - Tesla

Thursday, March 07, 2013

It's Ok Thursday...

Hi guys! It's Thursday again... and you all know that means it's time for another rousing rendition of the
Its Ok Thursdays
Link up :)...
It's the week before spring break at my school... and we all know that means these last four days have dragged by like no ones business... felt more like two months than four days I swear... but all in all this week hasn't sucked.
It's OK...
That my brain wants more than anything to give in to my severe senioritis and not do anything... ever
That as a history major, taking senior seminar plus four other classes... senioritis is not even an option...
That I can't breathe out of my nose... stupid allergies/cold ...
That my spring break will be spent writing various papers instead of sleeping, or chilling at the beach/lake/mountains/insert location here like I really wish I was...
That this is my last spring break... well my last spring break as an undergrad, in this town at this school... but it's still a last :)...
That my laundry has gotten out of control and a good three days next week will probably be dedicated to washing/drying/folding it all...
That i'm not sure i'm ready to graduate... even though I am totally excited about Law school next year I just want this year to last a little longer...
That I'm really going to miss it here...
That i'm crying like a baby at this point, over how much i'm going to miss everything/everyone...
and last but not least...
It is OK to sometimes just not care about how you look... today is one of those days... Hello Yoga Pants and Hat... old friends I've missed you :)
Peace, Love, Passion {and It's all gonna be OK}
Love Always Tesla

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up...

Well guys... the post for today is a bit of a double doozy... Not only am I going to share with you guys my latest outfit splurge! and might I also add new favorite staple in my wardrobe... but this past weekend was so great that I am gonna share it with you as well.
Weekend first :)
Last week was Homecoming Week at my school, and my sorority participated as always which meant that on top of class and work for the week each night there was a different event for us to attend, and I had to attend them all!
Which I am not complaining out in the least because I did have a wonderful time... exhaustion non withstanding!
Saturday we had actual Homecoming, which here at LU means tailgating (inside this year because of the weather), pictures, and almost four hours of basketball... from here I'll let the pics do the talking enjoy!

the love of my life... don't worry he's not upset he just doesn't smile very often

Some of my very best friends! Love these girls

Family Picture... all my bigs littles plus her grand littles and great grand! We've grown a bit this past year :)

on the court for Queen crowning... didn't win but that is OK because i still had the time of my life... oh and wore 3 inch heels and didn't fall

Me and my P. Sawyer... I love this girl to the moon and back!

and last but not least me and my mom and stepdad after the games!
Saturday was amazing! and that dress is possibly my favorite thing I have ever put on my body! I felt so class and classic in it. Like a president's wife, or a successful lawyer!
OOTD... Sunday I went shopping and bought a dress... for a steal (well you may not think it was but it was I promise) For years i've been dying for a Lilly Pulitzer dress of my very own, and while R and I were at the mall yesterday I spotted a sales rack in the Lilly Pulitzer portion of our Belk (how awesome is it that we have one of those here :)) The dress was 65% off... which brought it to about $56.00 and I just couldn't pass it up {the original tag said $188.00} So now she hangs quietly in my closet waiting on me to take her out on the town!

It was just so me! Can't wait to wear it!
Peace, Love, Passion
Love Always Tesla