Thursday, March 21, 2013

Him & Her ...

SO it's a little late in the day... but I'm linking up with Harley & Jane for Him & Her...

Him: Carhart and Tee Shirts
Her: Lilly Pulitzer and skinny jeans

Him: Green
Her: Pink

Him: BBQ Wings.
Her: Pizza Rolls.

Him: Hard Worker/volunteer firefighter
Her: Student: Heading to Law School in the fall.

Him: Never knows what he's doing five minutes from now.
Her: Has her whole life planned out already.

Him: Loves Gamecock Football games.
Her: Loves Gamecock Football games.

Him: Duck Dynasty.
Her: Pretty Little Liars.

Him: Small town boy.
Her: Big City Dreamer.

Him: Five Finger Death Punch
Her: Halestorm
Harley & Jane

Really enjoyed that more than I probably should have :)
Peace, Love, Passion
Love Always Tesla


  1. pretty little liars!!!!

    my husband always makes fun of me for watching it.


    Thanks for linking up!


  2. No problems! I love this linkup! and my guy give me heck for PLL but it's my guilty pleasure and I WONT give it up!