Saturday, June 15, 2013

Changing so fast now...

Things for me are changing so fast these days... the past month has flown by and between work and packing for the next (and hopefully last for a while) move in my life. I can't tell you how stressed, overwhelmed, and oddly enough calm I've been through this whole process.
I know you're probably thinking how can you be stressed and calm at the same time... but I promise you it is possible and it's a state i live in daily.
As things stand right now it's looking like sweet R. and I will be moving to the big city on July 1st. Our apartment came through and i'm really excited to be able to share that we will be moving into our own place just in time to celebrate my 22nd birthday in July, the start of my law school career in august, our 7th anniversary, and the wedding of a dear friend in September! I can't wait to see what the net few weeks and months will hold :)
Over the next few weeks i'm going to be working hard to overhall Peace, Love, Passion... because with this new chapter in my life my sweet blog is going to be changing right along with the rest of my world. So be on the lookout the next few weeks because baby things are changing and they are changing fast :) Be ready for an all new blog and maybe even an all new name ;) Love you guys... and heres some pics
Peace Love Passion (xoxo)