Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Pale Girl's Survival Guide... Beach Edition

In my last two weeks before I start law school I'm going to be spending a LOT of time at the beach, which I am beyond excited about!
However, my love for the sun, sand, and surf comes at a price! I can't just spend all day laying on the beach, soaking up the sun, swimming and such without a few (quite a few) precautions! Because lets face it I'm just too pale!
My skin is so white it's not even funny and I DON'T tan not even a little, I pretty much turn red and suffer in agony for days before going right back to pale with only a few extra freckles to show for my effort... something that I'm fairly certain a few of you will be able to relate to... That said I do have a fairly fool proof way of keeping myself from getting burned and still enjoying the beauty of the South Carolina shore...
First off, I rely very heavily on sunscreen. When it comes to my choice of sunscreen I'm really really picky, I don't use aerosol sunscreens because the chemicals in them are terrible for your skin, I make sure to buy a sunscreen that is a physical screen rather than a chemical sunscreen.
For this trip I tried out something new, Bull Frog for Kids SPF 50 and It worked wonderful! If you're slightly less pale than I am an SPF 30 or less might be the ticket but I need 50 or better

The second most important thing to remember is to RE-APPLY your sunscreen every hour... or sometimes every 30 minutes if you're in the water or it's really really hot and you're sweating off your screen...
Step two is to have the right gear! I personally would recommend A large wide brimmed hat and a very large pair of sunglasses along with a swimsuit coverup that is made of a solid material (NOT SEE THROUGH!) as shown below

These items will keep you covered! And having been at the beach for the past three days, out in the sun almost all day every day I can honestly say it worked great! I'm not even a little burnt! Which is a first for me!
Hopefully these tips will help my fellow fair skinned girls and guys from getting baked at the beach!
Happy Summer and Stay Fabulous!
Love Always Tesla

Thursday, July 18, 2013

52 in 2013... Update edition

Well... It's July and since we're more than halfway through with the year I thought it was time for another update on my 52 in 2013... and If I do say so myself I'm doing fairly well! I've failed miserably on some of them, but from now on I'm going to do better :)
1. Take time each day for God, reading my bible and silent time in prayer.
2. Find a Church that I want to call home.
3. Graduate From College with Honors. Cum Laude Baby! with a 3.68 GPA
4. Get a B or Higher in Senior Seminar Got an A!
5. Make either the President's or Dean's List my final Semester (preferably the President's List... Straight A's Baby!). Deans' List and I'll take it!
6. Figure out what I really want to do after college..
7. Be more flexible in my life, don't take everything so seriously.
8. Be a more dedicated blogger {post at least four times a week}.
9. Make a budget, and Live by it.
10.Save as much money as I possibly can (goal of $20 per paycheck into savings every two weeks = $520 for the year, more once I get a real job).
11.Get a Real world, big girl, full time job. For the summer, because i can't work during law school :(
12.Find a Place of my own with the love of my life.
13.Reach 100 followers by the end of the year (i'm currently at 1823 :/).
14.Start being more active in school, work, my sorority, my family, and my relationship.
15.Loose almost 40 lbs to reach my goal weight of 155 lbs.
16.Be more active. Exercise at least three times a week.
17.Have a Healthier Diet (for sure cut out sodas and sweets).
18.Don't Eat Fast Food. Not ever. For the whole year (this will hopefully save me money and help me control my weight some).
19.Buy Groceries and eat at home.
20.Go to Biltmore House.
21.Learn to make my favorites of my Grandparents recipes (Papa's Hash, Nana's Pound Cake... etc.).
22.Hike in the mountains this summer/fall.
23.Keep my room clean, laundry done, and closet organized!!!
24.Go on a vacation. Because I still haven't been on a decent one in a long time.
25.Start a memory book (Story of my life, mine and R's relationship etc.).
26.Have a couples photo shoot with my guy.
29.Learn how to sew. and Make a Tee Shirt Quilt from my old Sorority and College Tees after I graduate.
30.Take Photo-booth Pictures with my Guy.
31.Start Learning a Foreign Language.
32.Read a book for pleasure.
33.Have Breakfast in Bed, that I didn't have to make for myself.
34.Grow my hair out and get it healthier.
35.Have date night once a month with my guy, and only once a month.
36.Spend more time with my family.
37.Paint my nails and toenails at least two times a month.
38.Dress nice at least once a week... No JEANS!
39.Learn how to apply make up and do my hair
40.Give away clothes I don't wear to Goodwill
41.Organize and clean out my Pinterest Boards.
42.Go Skinny Dipping (I've Always wanted to do that).
43.Do more crafts, blog about them.
44.Make at least one new recipe a month and blog about the results on here :).
45.Take a Taxi in a city.
46.Go to a Gamecocks football game this year.
47.Learn how to play tennis.
48.Get a Second Tattoo.
49.Kiss my boyfriend under mistletoe next Christmas.
50.Have a party for no reason... just celebrate life.
51.Go to a New Years Eve Party... Kiss My Guy when the ball drops.
52.Complete Each and Everyone of the Items on this List by 12:00am on January 1, 2014!!!
53... The Bonus goal... Get Engaged {I know it's a goal that I have no control over but a girl can dream right!}

Hey not so bad... maybe by december I'll have met all my meetable goals!
Until Next Time... Kisses!
Love Tesla