Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Day's like today...

Most of the time I feel like I'm totally drowning in work! Every day there is just more to do, more contracts to read, more torts to brief, more crim law to study, more housework to do, more meals to cook, and more wedding planning to do than could ever possibly be completed. On those days I sit down, I cry a little,I pour myself a glass of Moscato, and get back to work because it doesn't matter if there is more to do, i've got to get it all done, and none of it can wait (with the exception of wedding planning which I have been totally slack on since we found our venue and photographer)so I do it all anyway
and then on days like today when I'm not drowning because I only have two classes and an insane break I take the time to blog and that makes me feel better. On days like today I get on pinterest and day dream, I get on facebook and laugh, and I get on reddit and laugh so hard I think I'm going to pee. On days like today I go out to lunch with my fiance, and forget about the real world for a minute. I facetime my mom and talk about everything that's been going on, and see how big their new puppy has gotten. Day's like today make me ok with the days where I can't breathe because the weight of life is just crushing me... days like today make the difference and days like today keep me sane!
Just for bearing with my here's some things that should make your day a little brighter (especially any of you law students out there).
Love and hugs!

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