Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloweek. . . Top Five Favorite Halloween Recipes

Have I told you guys how much I love the holidays. . .every last stinking one of them! But as you can see from this weeks Menu board, Halloween was always one of my favorites. I'm not sure what it was, the fact that one night a year you got to pretend to be someone else, or maybe it was all the candy! But Halloween was always for the most part a good holiday . . .
So in honor of Halloween Legally Fabulous will be having a week of posts dedicated to that most fabulously sweet of all holidays! Get ready guys because it is going to be Amazing!
Today's topic is a tasty little morsel indeed . . . I'm talking top five Favorite Frightful Foods that WILL be hitting my tummy this Halloweek

#5. These Precious Jack-O-Peppers will be gracing mine and R's table come Saturday when we can finally have Halloween Supper together... Stuffed Peppers made with Orange bell peppers taking a favorite dish of mine to a whole new level of spooky

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#4. These cookie/brownie things look to die for ... get it!

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#3. Pretzel Pumpkins... I know that these little cuties are really just chocolate covered pretzel's but hey they look like pumpkins and I'll be making a huge batch for my class later on this week.

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#2.Mummy's! I mean these are really just pigs in blankets. But they are delish when they aren't mummies and I bet they are delish when they are!

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and Numero UNO .... ANYTHING made with from or to look like candy corn! Because lets face it! That's really my favorite part of Halloween! I LOVE me some candy corn

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Happy Halloweek Loves! Love Always Tesla

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