Thursday, January 30, 2014


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A Photo an Hour... Link Up :)

I was browsing in blog world last week and I found a post that really struck my fancy, it was a photo an hour post on Southern Mess, as I was reading I saw that she had borrowed the idea from another blogger... and excitement of all excitements they were having a link up "Photo an Hour" blog post today! Of course I had to do it!
So here I am linking up with Southern Mess, and Meg O on the Go! Happy Thursday everyone!

The idea of documenting life is something that I treasure, and what better way to do it than taking a photo an hour to see exactly how you're living this wonderful life
SO here it goes...
These Pictures are from Monday Jan. 27, which was a fairly typical day in my life as a Law Student... Here's my picture and hour, 5:30 am until 11:30 pm (not my normal bed time... but Tuesday wound up being a Snow day so I stayed up a little bit past my bedtime.)

5:30 am... time to get up and start getting ready for school... breaks my heart every time

7:30 am ... at school waiting for class to start enjoying a little liquid breakfast, hot tea, and water... had to pee like crazy after that class :(

8:30 am... sitting in Civil Procedure... my favorite class and trying not to get caught taking a picture...

9:30 am... because liquid breakfast didn't last long... i had a biscuit and it was amazeballs!

10:00 am... working on LRAW research before class because I didn't finish up the night before... West Law is my friend/enemy/really freaking hard to use sometimes...

11:30... This day is dragging on forever... and ever... and ever... this is my It's only 11:30 and I already want to take a nap face...

12:30... a yummy lunch of canned soup... its progresso so It's not that bad that I ate the whole can right???

1:30.. finishing up a little con law reading before my 2:00 class

2:00... more hot tea... and a little snack to get me through until dinner... I was starving today... I don't normally eat this much

3:00... con law's over time for Property... this class lasts for ever!

5:00... skipped Tutoring today and hit the gym with this lovely lady! We're training for the color run in March!

5:30... heading home in Columbia traffic... this was the best part of my drive 126 was hell!

6:30 a little Bones while I wait for dinner to get done...

7:30... dinner... homemade meatloaf and mashed potatoes with peas... Not to shabby I just Hope R likes it because it'll be his lunch at work tomorrow.

8:30.. a little more homework because at this point I was pretty sure I still had school the next day...

9:30 ... my face when I get the text telling me school's cancelled for "snow"...

10:30... homework turns into wedding planning and I pretend I'm not a little peeved that we don't have school.

11:30 time for bed... even though I didn't have school the next day... too tired to stay up any longer... maybe I'm getting old :)
There is not a 6:30 am picture... because being the scatter brain that I am I forgot to take one but here it is none the less! A day in my life in pictures :) Sorry It's so supremely boring but hey I am in Law School ;)
XoXo... Tesla :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday... Engagement Pictures

November 15 R and I went home to see our families, and my favorite photographer... my lovely mother and she took some wonderful engagement pictures for us. I was so excited and I think R was too! I obviously won't post all of them on here because I want to keep some for some wedding decorations I'm really excited about but here are a few of my faves!