Monday, September 22, 2014

Erin Condren LIfe Planner... 2015 edition (Product Review)

SO I don't know how many of you reading this are like me (by that i mean in law school, hyper organized, or just a list maker) but I would be lost without my day planner. I write everything in that little sucker from homework assignments to meal plans, and even what i want to blog about in a given week. My planner never leaves my side and if i don't have it i find my days go much less smoothly. 
With that said, I'm not one to mess with a good thing... when something works I tend to stick with it. Which is why for the past three years or so I've been using the Lilly Pulitzer agendas and I love them dearly. They are great!

But this year i decided that I needed a change... aka everyone seems to have these Erin Condren planners and I decided I wanted to see what they were all about. So i got online and I designed myself a planner... the experience was really easy the site is super simple and I was able to design one that suited me perfectly. Since I've been a Lilly girl for so long I thought I would also give you guys a comparison for any one else who is feeling a change. (Erin Condren is not paying me for my opinion... i just thought i would share it with yall anyway)

The agenda took about two weeks after i ordered it to ship... but it only took three days to get here after it shipped which is less than the 7-10 days the website said it would take. Win! And big plus it comes in a really cute box... I love cute mail

When you open the box there are all sorts of great things there to greet you... stickers, a perpetual calendar, some coupons, and some labels (none of which I ordered, however i am going to assume that since it was my first order maybe they included them ... who knows what i do know is that I'll be using my coupons to order a notepad and some more gift labels because they are totally adorable)

Under all the packaging, stuff, and bubble wrap was the most perfect planner i've ever laid eyes on... well from the outside anyway because it literally has my name on it... and the sight of that new last name still makes me kinda giddy inside (i hope that never stops... not gonna lie)

Ok so here's a side by side comparison. The agendas are similar in size. Which hopefully means the new one will fit perfectly in my tote or backpack just like my Lilly Does.

The Erin Condren planner is a good bit slimmer than the Lilly, which is mostly due to the fact that I elected to begin my new agenda in Jan. 15 and it is only a one year planner. This solves one of my biggest problems with the Lilly Planners. An 18 month planner begins in August of one year and ends in December of the next, which means that i either have to purchase a new agenda every august and waste 6 months of agenda, or i use the agenda fully and buy another one in January of the next year and waste the first six months. Neither option was one that i've ever really liked. Problem Solved with this one year planner :) 

The Erin Condren Planner is really nicely built. The binding is metal and a spiral bind instead of the binding on the Lilly which has a tendency to separate if you aren't careful about how you bend it. The planner also comes with a clip in ruler that I think will be really helpful. Now to the inside.

The layout of this agenda is part of what drew me to it. I like the year calendar at the front, and the monthly view is pretty standard for all agendas. 

The week view is my favorite part. I like how it's divided into three separate categories, especially since i have so much going on in my life. I won't use them for morning day and night however (and i'd really like it if they weren't labeled that way but we can't get everything we want) most likely i'll use them for School/work, Home, and Blog and that way i won't have to have a separate agenda/meal planner/ blog planner... like i do right now.

There are also a good many blank lines pages for notes
and a plethora of colorful stickers both written and blank

the back has a pocket folder thing for loose papers and such.

and then there is this really neat "zip" pouch... it's not really a zipper but i never know what to call those snappy things.

With that said I love my new Erin Condren planner and I can't wait to start using it in January. That seems like such a long time from now.

SO here's the comparison
Price wise both are a bit expensive : The Lilly Planner costs $28.00 and the Life Planner cost me around $50 with shipping.  (which is way more than i used to spend on planners but then again so is $28.00)
The Lilly only comes in an 18 month version which i find annoying... but it comes with really cute stickers which i like. 
The Life Planner can be made in an 18 month version but I won't do that. 

All in all... Both are great planners but for me at this stage in my life... with Law School and everything else i've got going on the Life Planner seems to be the right planner for me.

Sorry for the long and rambling review! 
Until Next Time!


  1. now I want one :( maybe next year!

  2. Waffle flower makes a stamp (planner-stay focused) and together with Avery sticker #5424 you can cover the morning day night with to do, personal, family, work, whatever you like. I only do a few and not every square but I found it helpful. I get two headings, one above the other, per Avery sticker and cut them in two lengthwise. Check it out!

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