Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Post Wedding Wednesday ... Goodbye SC hello Bahamas!

For our honeymoon R and I decided we wanted to do something we had never done before as a couple... however I wanted to go to Charleston for the weekend and he wanted to go to Florida and neither of us wanted to do what the other wanted ... Go Figure.  So after much arguing (on my part) and begging (on his) we came to a compromise... and by compromise i mean he wanted to go on a cruise and he finally talked me into getting onto a boat. Up until the minute we set sail I questioned my decision but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world! We took a four day cruise to the Bahamas and had the most amazing time! 

Sorry if this picture offends you... I don't really care I am fully aware that me in a Bikini isn't everyone's cup of tea... and to that I say You can KISS MY ... you know where i'm going with that

Sadly i didn't manage to come back with a tan... but i didn't come back with a burn either so we will call that a success!

Until Next time...
Love Yall!

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